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Polaroid Snap

Polaroid Snap

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Rs 1,534 - Used : Rs 13,326 - (13 Prices)
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Polaroid Digital Cameras Price 2019

Latest Polaroid Digital Cameras Price
Polaroid Snap Rs 1,534 -
Polaroid Snap Polaroid Snap

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About Polaroid Digital Cameras

Polaroid Digital Cameras offer unique design and impressive specs

Despite Polaroid's recent ventures in to consumer electronics business, it will always remain the company which popularized and advocated the digital camera concept. So, when Polaroid came up with their next generation digital cameras for the worldwide electronics markets, it was like going back to their roots.

With their new and improved marketing strategy, this company was able to improve on their products and deliver some high end cameras for personal or commercial usage in India.


It is known to all that Polaroid basically started out as a company producing eyewear and sunglasses for the young generation. Under its founder, Edwin H. Land in 1937, it soon revolutionized the concept of digital cameras. However, that success was short lived. After going through a series of misfortunes and re-structuring, Polaroid finally brought back their key product in to the market a decade earlier in 2000s.

Polaroid digital cameras are authentic to its name and under its current CEO, Scott W. Hardy; the company has certainly revived its lost glory under the digital cameras franchise.

Popular Models

Let's have a look at some of the popular models in India:

iS085 – This digital camera offers a dual screen display with 2.7 inch rear and 1.8 inch frontal display. It features a 16 MP lens, with water proof lining and additional Micro SD card slot.

iS326 – This model is designed for the common consumer, as it offers a simplistic design layout with a slim cover and easy controls. It also offers a 16 MP lens, with 12x optical zoom. Additional video recording can be done at HD 720p quality with a 2.4 inch LCD display.

iS2132 – It is a professional digital camera with a powerful 16 MP lens. It is quite compact and easy to hold, and is very portable. It also features 21x enhanced zoom with full HD video recording. A 3 inch LCD screen is provided for display while additional 25 mm wide angle lens is also present.


Polaroid follows a completely different strategy when it comes to their digital cameras. Even though this company really focuses on producing low end or mid end products when it comes to their smart phone or tablet franchises, Polaroid does not make compromises on their digital cameras.

These digital cameras are highly functional with impressive specs and unique features. However, this does not imply that they are over excessive in their pricing. This is the reason as to why Polaroid still remains a unique name in the digital camera business all over the world, and especially in India.

July 26, 2017

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