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Sony Xperia Touch

Sony Xperia Touch

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About Sony Desktop Computers

Sony Desktops

With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Sony Corporation is a multinational company that is largely known for its wide range of electronics products. The company manufactured the Sony Vaio line of desktops PCs, until it sold its business of late. At present, Vaio Corporation is responsible for reinstating the series and has also made some new launches.

History of Sony Desktops

Much of Sony’s desktop market was limited to Japan in the 1980s. However, when it re-entered that market in the mid-90s with the Vaio brand, they began to look at markets in other countries too. The initial releases were the PVC models of desktop computers that were also pretty popular among the masses.

The company then went on to release a number of other models under the brand name, including laptops. These were largely available around the world and found many takers. Sales continued until 2014, when Sony sold this business to Japan Industrial Partners. The reason for this being low PC sales, globally. Sony, however, does retain a five percent minority stake in the new company.

Popularity in India

India is a country where Sony has an immense presence. When it comes to buying electronics products, especially laptops, TVs and camcorders, Sony’s brand value easily stand out. In this regard, the company does enjoy a good market share in the country.

The Vaio brand of computers is pretty well-known and accepted among customers. It mostly finds takers, such as students, office goers and home entertainment users. Sony also has numerous service centers around the country that take care of after sales operations.

Design of Sony Desktops

Like any other desktop computer brands, Sony offers both all-in-one and tower desktops. The tower models have an attractive design, while the all-in-ones are a more compact approach to computing. A certain bunch of mini PC options were also designed by Sony. These were pretty popular as well.

Sony desktops boast of a screen size that is 20 plus inches. These also have LED/IPS technology. Also, the company’s desktops arrive in a number of choices, thereby giving plenty of options to the end user.

If you are someone who prefers more space on your desk, the all in one PCs are the best options to stick to.

Features of Sony Desktops

Desktop models from Sony have a good number of features. Powered by the latest Intel processors, like Core 2 Duo, i3 and i7, these machines are truly built to offer value to users. In addition, these are accompanied by 2 to 8GB of primary memory, which is great for modern day computing standards. Gamers and graphics workers can also opt for systems that come with added graphics card units from AMD Radeon and Nvidia. As for storage, SATA HDD happened to be the type and the space usually ranged between 250GB to 1TB.

When it comes to connectivity, Sony’s desktops support all modern day standards. Wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are offered. Besides, users can also bank on USB, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA ports. For the reading and writing of optical disks, DVD burners are provided with the systems.

Most of Vaio models run the latest operating systems. Windows is the obvious choice in this regard, and the desktop models are pre-installed with Windows 7, Windows 8 and higher versions.

Sony Desktop News

As of now, Sony’s computer business has been purchased by Japan Industrial Partners, which is an investment firm. The sale happened in 2014. However, the company, under the name of Vaio Corporation, the company has launched Vaio Fit and Vaio Pro laptop devices in Japan. The company also does have plans to newer markets with other devices soon.

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