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Latest News about Tesla Cars

Tesla's new Roadster supercar will arrive with a "special upgrade"

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, recently revealed the company's latest Roadster supercar. The vehicle's base model can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds whereas a "special option package" might even enable flying in short distances. Read more

Potential brake fault compels Tesla to recall 53,000 vehicles

Tesla has recalled its Model X and Model S vehicles for a potential fault in the parking system. They previously did this in 2014, 2015 and 2016 also due to some potential defects that were noticed in their vehicles. The reason behind the recall is a caution for the safety of the people. Read more

Tesla to reveal the final version of Model 3 in July

The fans will have to wait to take a glimpse of the final version of the Model 3 which will roll out this summer. Twitter helped us to know the revelation date of Tesla's upcoming Model 3 to be in July. Read more

About Tesla Cars

The automobile industry is slowly but surely looking to integrate electric powertrains moving away from the age-old combustion engines and fossil fuels. And at the centre of this innovation are Tesla cars which are well on their way into India.

Tesla Cars looking to increase globally with the Indian market

Every single leading automobile manufacturer in the world is increasingly assembling their models with an eye to the future. This future hints at an obvious abolition of internal combustion engines. Although this will take some time for a global economy so highly dependent on fossil fuels, Tesla cars are pioneering the way forward. And they are on their way to India as well.

A History into the Future:

Commercializing electric vehicles, this is the sole motive for Tesla Inc. since its foundations in 2003. Founders and co-founders include the names of Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarppening and Elon Musk.

Tesla Motors, however, takes its first steps seeing GM draw out a similar project, commercial electric vehicles. Cancellation of their EV1 models leads to the Series A round of investments. Their idea was to grab market attention for better investment prospects. Tesla liaison with Group Lotus sees 2400 of their first production units, the Roadster. Market reaction was positively inspiring, and a contract extension was on the cards.

Funding extensions and near-bankruptcy stalemates continue till 2007 despite multiple investments leading to the Series B. 2008 saw a 25% work-force layoff along with a production of just 147 cars. Musk takes over as CEO and contributes $70 million to the company while acquiring a 20.8% stake in the process.

It was not until 2009 that Tesla comes up with their Model S prototype that funds start pouring in. Both Daimler AG and Toyota pump in funds against company stakes relieving Tesla cars from bankruptcy. They also receive $465 million low-interest loans from the US government. By 2013, they repay the loan along with $12 million interest.

Tesla Cars on the Global Scale:

Tesla has above 200 stores across the globe with 80 inside the USA alone. Tesla is more than just about their models. Electric vehicles require a standalone setup relevant to their electric powertrain.

So, excluding the model itself, Tesla concentrates on inputting and integrating an overall urban setup. They understand that buyers will only go for their models if it's feasible for them to commute in a Tesla. So far, the manufacturers continue to integrate comprehensive recharge or docking points in Europe, South Asian as well Arab markets. This continues to be the basis of their sales which they're now looking to bring to the Indian sub-continent.

The Brand Resembling the Future:

Tesla to some extent resembles a distant but distinct future of this automobile industry. And these automakers are easy miles ahead of their competition. In comparison to other EV models, Tesla comprehensively comes with a larger range as well as performance. That said, EV models are rare and far between with GM coming up with a couple as well as BMW.

Tesla in India:

The only pointer stopping Tesla from hitting an Indian which has a huge potential for EVs is a proper congruous setup. Tesla cars will face no competition in India and consider the 100,000 miles warranty they offer with their models along with a single charge driving range of 320 km. There are no official dealers in India, but that does look to change soon.

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