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Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo

  • 2 Used cars
  • 2010-2011
  • Petrol

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte

  • 2 Used cars
  • 2011
  • Petrol

updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Latest News about Maserati Cars

Now Maserati wants to make EV models, but not as early as 2020

Maserati, whose cars yell luxury, elegance and comfort, has realized that future of transformation is electric, so it too wants to get on the bandwagon of electric cars (EVs), albeit quite late. However, it will be tough for Maserati to take a foothold in this EV segment which is ruled by Tesla with other rivals trying to close in. A top official from FCA has revealed that to cut through the ... Read more

About Maserati Cars

Growing significance of the tourer market in 70's led Maserati to spread its wings and thus came into existence the Gran Tourismo and Gran Cabrio. Known for "rolling works of art," Maserati cars owned tremendous significance owing to their already superior performing racing vehicles. With its recent entry into Indian exotic cars scene, it thrives on competing against BMW and Merc head to head.

Maserati cars| Epitome of beauty strength and performance

At the heart of every particle is an atom and the heart of any Maserati vehicle is Grantourismo. Known for its luxury brand of exclusive vehicles, this Italian manufacturer takes pride in assembling and making signature sound proof interiors with enough power at the driver's delight. Like other luxury automobile brands venturing into India, Maserati cars come up with Ghibli and Levante.

When strength and valour came into existence:

Originating in Bologna Italy, creators of Maserati built a 2 litre Grand Prix racing vehicle. Its popularity rose to the status of a champion in Targa Florio races. Gradually the hunger for speed increased manifold and post-1926, the commonly made up to 16 cylinder engines with adequate power.

Representing vigour and strength, Maserati chose to stick to its current logo since its incorporation. Although remaining Maserati brothers chose to sell company's shares to Orsi family in 1940, Maserati rose up to compete against Mercedes and Auto union.

Maserati regained consciousness in the post war period winning races and obtaining world championship titles. Later it grew to become a GT car manufacturer and built for luxury hungry privateers.

European margin and worldwide:

Maserati went into the production of its 3.5 litres V6 engines into 350S which immediately became a hit. The lightweight and powerful drivetrain helped Maserati cars to grow. After its acquisition by Citreon, Maserati engineers built special engines to fuel Citroen vehicles.

Citroen provided financial backing, and this led Maserati to go beyond European borders. But it was only after economic crises in Europe that its losses exceeded share capital. By 1986, the establishment successfully reached American shores, and their vehicles were installed with Chrysler engines. In 2014, Maserati sold a record of 13,411 units in the US thus raising the bar bit too much for Mercedes and BMW to catch up. Slowly sales reached North America.

European wall of fame:

None other than Maserati thought of blending power with technology. Right from the beginning, their choice of interior offerings pleased customers. Exotic Italian design and race-inspired performance added fuel.

From winning races in 1947 with A6 1500 GT, it gave a tough fight for luxury racing vehicles. Maserati cars attained huge success in European markets with their streamline-shaped Vignale 3500 GT vehicle. Very soon, Ghibli came into existence in the 60's and furthered Maserati's journey.

After their acquisition by Citreon, Maserati's incorporated technological improvements and very soon Quattroporte dived deep with its independent suspension and power steering. By 80's its fame rose to the US where Chrysler and later Fiat occupied portions of Maserati shares from Citroen. Maserati's are made for sports inspired performance teamed with luxurious interiors.

Indian scenario:

India tastes the first morsel of Italian exotics with Ghibli without any toning down in terms of engine capacities of outer appeal. In response to 3 litre BMWs in this range, Maserati vehicles keep their performance steady even at higher speeds.

Although Indian customer base might not yet be ready to shell out an amount more than 1 crores, Maserati cars surely fit into the luxury segment. Also available in this line are Gran Cabrio and Gran Tourismo which are, as car enthusiasts remark works of wonders.

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