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MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper

  • 18 Used cars
  • 2012-2016
  • Petrol,Diesel
  • Latest Post: 3 Jul, 2017
MINI Cooper Convertible

MINI Cooper Convertible

  • 9 Used cars
  • 2012-2016
  • Petrol

  • MINI
  • mini,convertible
MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman

  • 13 Used cars
  • 2013-2014
  • Diesel

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Date : 24, Jan 2017

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  • Date : 30, Dec 2015

[Good] car look is very good and posh,price of car is very reasonble,milage is 20 km per leater cluch using is very easy,if tou want good travelling you can go a head wih this product with out any ...Read more

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Devi Vyavhare

mini countryman car in Nashik Maharastra

I want small car in budget in Nashik. just see this car. I want know what on road price 9850482280

  • Last updated : 21, Oct 2016
  • Posted by Devi Vyavhare
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About MINI Cars


With over 5 million units sold in 30 years, Mini Cooper rose to fame since its emergence in the 60's. MINI cars have retained British culture and tradition. Even after their acquisition by BMW, they continued to hold their small car fame. Indian market saw its first Cooper in early 2012 followed by three more models.

MINI Cars Launch Countryman in India as an Epitome of Luxury

No matter how hard did Mr. Bean struggle to get in his MINI down the London streets, MINI completed its 111 years of existence. MINI cars are distinguishable for their ability and appeal. Being a part of Austin Motors, the manufacturer successfully rolled out 5.3 million units till 2000. The latest versions of MINI Cooper do not look too different from its earlier models.

The beginning of a MINI era:

MINI officially came into existence in 1959 when British Motor Corporation took control of MINI's ventures. It showcases British culture and tradition, be it on-road or racing tracks. In the 1960's, BMC came with their FWD transverse engine allowing more space to passengers.

By 1999, it was the most influential car of the 20th century. During the Suez crisis, Morris Mini Motor worked on making a fuel-efficient car for the masses, and by '61, Austin Mini gained prominence.

Originally a two-door hatchback, Mini stuck to the same design till 2000. British Leyland and Rover group had their share in imparting valuable developments on the existing Mini as well.

Britain and beyond:

Mini exchanged hands with numerous car giants thus making their way into making Mini popular in their own country. After its success throughout Britain, MINI cars enhanced its existence in Australia with BMC Australia and Leyland Australia while Arica took control of its production and marketing in Chile.

By 1967, Mini produced its mark II version which sold 429,000 units in 3 years. Mini Cooper made its mark in the entire European market by then along with quintessential brothers among which Mini Checkmate, Mini Equinox and Italian Job earned much fame.

Keeping up with an increased demand for its smaller vehicles, MINI came into India in 2012 starring Cooper and its Countryman/Convertible trims. JCW precision works collaboration with MINI helps them to rev their performance parameters. Recently the joint venture plans to introduce Indian road's friendly vehicles.

Earning global reputation:

Mini cars borrow inspiration from typical British culture, and all their vehicles aim to uphold their tradition. Issigonis, the original designer, made his mark with Mini Mark I and the franchise sold more than 5.3 million units until discontinuation.

Mini showcased itself at the 1997 Geneva Motor Show with a couple of concept cars- Mini Spiritual and Spiritual Two. The manufacturer aimed to relive its older spirits with a futuristic design and retro styling. In 1991, Mini Cooper received the title of 'the greatest family vehicle of all times'.

Indian luxury scene:

With 4 different models representing the British culture and tradition, Mini entered the Indian scene with 2 dealerships in Delhi, one in Mumbai. Mini Cooper hatchback came with a price tag of Rs. 24.9 lakh. It's impeccable styling, and retro behavior please luxury hungry individuals.

Next in line is Mini cars galore were Mini Cooper S, and the most sensible Countryman followed Mini Cooper Convertible. Making a decent 184 HP, this 1.6 litres turbocharged Mini car is sure to appease customers and find its place as a perfect family vehicle.

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