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Lamborghini Gallardo

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About Lamborghini Cars

Easily one of the most popular and recognizable automobiles around, Lamborghini cars come with a personal touché of power, looks and luxury. They are one of the largest manufacturers of supercars in the world, and they're gearing up for delivering quite a few models in the Indian market too.

Lamborghini cars history, showrooms and dealers in India

One of the few automobile manufacturers who concentrate solely on the pinnacle of automobile engineering – Lamborghini is an elite car maker. There are few other auto-brands who can even dream of achieving success and acclaim by manufacturing only products strictly falling in the supercar category. Lamborghini cars are all about the maximum of everything that there is.

The Raging Bull: Insignia of Lamborghini cars

Their brand logo and overall outlook have everything to do with its founding father, Ferruccio Lamborghini. 1963 saw Ferruccio Lamborghini bring his vision of manufacturing sports cars to take on marquees like Ferrari to life. Already a rich and powerful businessman as a tractor manufacturer, Lamborghini's first model was the 350 GT.

But it was not until 1966 that Lamborghini broke into the annals of supercars. Launching the Miura sports coupe, Ferruccio was essentially pioneering an automotive trend which continues for performance-first cars. Miura is the first rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive sports car. And it still draws accolades not only for performance but also for its exceptional design aesthetics signalling the advent of a sports car lineage.

An already illustrious history does take a U-turn during the mid-70s global economic crisis. Ferruccio retires in 1974 and the company goes bankrupt in 1978.

The marquee luxury car manufacturer changes ownership too frequently. American Funds and ownership under the Chrysler Corporation in 1987 were unable to bring the automaker to its previous esteem.

Lamborghini again changes hands in 1994 under a joint investment by Malaysian and Indonesian investment authorities. It was not until the ownership rights pass on to the Volkswagen Group in 1998 that Lamborghini again regains its stature as a premier luxury-performance automaker.

Official Stores:

Other than producing V12 engines for powerboat racing, the Italian automakers solely concentrate on manufacturing Lamborghini cars. They're one of the most powerful global brands for producing high-performance luxury autos competing with the likes of Ferrari.

Lamborghini's Global Recognition:

Manufacturing and assembling hands-on at Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, their market reach typically concentrates in consumer regions with relative buyers. There are 114 dealers around the world with the largest concentration in the USA alone with 28 of them.

Lambo's are synonymous with the brutish performance alongside the top sports cars in the world. Just like Ferrari, Lamborghini rarely requires advertising and relies completely on their exclusive brand recognition. Pre-booking is the most common form of sales, would be buyers contact dealerships to await their shipments.

Lamborghini Cars in India:

There are 3 Lamborghini dealers in major Indian cities - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Other liaison dealerships are in Lalitpur, Perambalur, Latur, Saiha and Lower Dibang Valley.

As of now, Indian buyers can buy 3 Lamborghini cars in India – Gallardo, Huracan and the Aventador. Price ranges start from 3 crores INR for the Gallardo.

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