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About Kia Cars


Kia Cars are some of the most popular and well reputed cars in the world. They moved out of Korea and ventured the US and European markets some years back. Now they are ready to taste Indian shores and enter one of the most combative automobile markets in the world.

Kia Cars Looking to Take Indian Markets by Storm:

Kia Motors is South Korea's oldest and currently second largest automobile company after Hyundai. According to estimates, it produces in upwards of 3 million vehicles a year from 14 different manufacturing and assembly operations around the world.

According to the company, the word Ki means 'to come out of' and a stands for 'Asia'. Evidently, Kia Motors takes pride in setting the bar for excellence in automobile manufacture in Asia.

The incredible story of Kia:

Long before Kia cars were born, the company made a name for itself making parts of cycles and motorcycles. In fact, Kia (then known as Kyungsung precision Industry) was the company to produce Korea's first domestic bicycle.

Thereafter, it moved into car, motorcycle and truck manufacture until being forced to shut down in 1981 under the dictatorship of Chun Doo-Hwan.

It re-entered the automobile space in 1986 partnering up with Ford and went to produce several Mazda-derived cars. By 1992, Kia started expanding in America and in a few years' time had dealerships spread across over 30 US states.

However, their good run didn't last for too long as they stared into the bleak abyss of bankruptcy in 1997. Kia Motors was then forced to come to an agreement with a rival (and at that time smaller) company Hyundai. The agreement resulted in an exchange of ownership with Hyundai acquiring majority shares in Kia and Kia taking over Hyundai.

So essentially what we know as Kia cars today are in essence Hyundai cars and vice versa.

Kia's marketability today:

Kia is a highly marketable brand today. It sponsors a host of sporting events including the Australian Open, FIFA & UEFA tournaments, NBA, Asian Games, Korea Speed Festival, X Games Asia and plenty more.

Such intense marketing has made Kia one of the most recognisable automobile brands in the world today.

Kia Cars Recent Sales Figures:

Kia's US sales figures over the last few years are extremely impressive. The Kia Soul is the best-selling subcompact car in the US. Currently, Kia manufactures the Optima and Sorrentino within the US borders while exporting the other models from South Korea.

As of end 2016, Kia holds 3.7% market share in the US and 2.87% in Europe. This is a steep rise from the figures in the past and Kia wants to ensure this trend continues.

These numbers are a testament to the growing popularity of Kia cars even outside Asia.

Kia in India:

Kia recently announced its plans to enter the Indian car market. It is investing a jaw-dropping INR 7050 crores to set up its manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh. The plant will produce 300,000 units annually in both the hatchback and sedan segments.

This is a big initiative by Kia and the government of India to boost the manufacturing industry in India. Not only will it make India the future hub of manufacturing, but it will also provide thousands of job opportunities.

Kia cars have always enjoyed a good reputation and now with the growing sales figures, that reputation is also turning into tangible revenue.

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