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Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Latest Reviews for Jeep Cars

It's been 4 months since delivery, and I have traveled about 3000km. We have a small child, and I mainly drive this as a daily means of transport. <exterior> The 90% of the reasons I decided on this ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by Japanese user
  • Date : 13, Jan 2017

<exterior> Its big thick tires remind me of a lunar rover. Cool. <interior> Excellent for an American car. <engine performance> Smooth. <drivability> Excellent on off roads. It is good on paved ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.3
  • Review by Japanese user
  • Date : 23, Dec 2015

About Jeep Cars


There are few marquees, which demand as much respect as Jeep. Nothing short of an icon in automobile history, Jeep aims to rekindle and relive its heritage in a competitive modern automobile industry. Now, Jeep cars finally make their way into a highly prospective Indian market.

Jeep Cars Making a Grand Indian Entry with Their Compass

History, heritage, and legends – this is what 'Jeep' immediately recognizes with anyone remotely in tune with automobiles. A World War hero, an example of automotive endurance and performance, above all, Jeep cars are a brand of sheer American grit.

Jeep and Automobile History

It is a history which starts just before the 2nd World War. With the American army sanctioning a 4-wheeler reconnaissance vehicle prototype with a deadline of just 49 days, only American Bantam and Willys-Overland take up the project in around 1939. The likes of Ford Motor Company decline participation.

Over time, Bantam's design module gets selected. It falls on Willys and Ford to manufacture the Army's needs basing on this model. The result was the first ever models in Jeep's genre, although the name's still a long way off. Ford's pygmy and Willys's Quad model find their way into army hangars. With Willys's Go-Devil engine, they win the initial production module.

It is during the war-time years that this model claims its more common name – Jeep. A typical example of American slur, Jeep is simply what American GI's or soldiers nicknamed it. This name itself came from the abbreviation GP. Some believe that GP stands for General Purpose. Others, however, conclude that G stands for Government and P stands for a designation wheelbase of 80 inches or 2000mm.

What follows is the end of the war with Jeeps becoming available for buyers from then on. The first civilian model comes out in 1945 as the Civilian Jeep or CJ. Jeep already becomes a brand, a trademark under Willys's ownership.

Willys continues to change hands before finally continuing under Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles or FCA.

Jeep Global

Jeep cars are reliving their strong heritage with the company registering a strong 1.4 million SUV sales in 2016 globally. A 12% increase in sales, this concludes the 7th straight year of rising sales.

Top prospective markets include among others the likes of China. The manufacturers are aiming to get a better share of their home American market with multiple new additions. Their expansion spree looks into newer markets especially emphasizing on India.

Modernizing an icon

Every single one of the Jeep cars guarantees typical off-roading prowess while integrating luxe-comfort driving capabilities as well. Modernizing an icon known for its simplicity and endurance, Jeep concentrates on these fortes while using their strong brand recognition. For buyers, Jeep is all about top-of-the-line SUV experience along with signature Jeep add-ons.

Jeep Cars in India

Registering above 10,000 bookings and 92,000 inquiries, Jeep is hitting it big in this rich Indian high-end SUV market. Operating approximately 50 outlets in 47 cities, they have already gained enough market reach. With FCA's assembly plant in Ranjangaon, Jeep cars roll out with aggressive price tags. Their lineup includes the Compass, Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee SRT and the Wrangler Unlimited. Jeep's gunning it big.

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