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Isuzu D-MAX V-Cross

Isuzu D-MAX V-Cross

  • 3 Used cars
  • 2016-2017
  • Diesel

Isuzu MU-7

Isuzu MU-7

  • 5 Used cars
  • 2013-2014
  • Diesel

updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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My best car is tha tavera but tavera is the selling stop in India for isuzu panther crosswind very like and I like the entire and new features and isuzu panther crosswind is a very good product and I ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.7
  • Review by A St Tomar
  • Date : 24, Feb 2018

About Isuzu Cars

Isuzu cars and their high-end SUVs have a reputable name in the automobile industry. Consisting more than a century of experience, they have consistently come up with new-gen designs and state of the art diesel power trains. Along with being front-runners in commercial units and diesel engineering, they are also notable global assemblers and sellers of pickup trucks and automobiles.

Isuzu Cars look to extend their impressive global prominence in Indian Shores.

Isuzu Motors Ltd, trading in global markets as "Isuzu", is one of the leading diesel engine and Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturers. Over their years of operation in the automobile sector, their prime focus has always been "creation without compromise on anything". Aiming for scalability, they are venturing into the Indian market with their Isuzu cars series comprising MU-7, D-Max, and its V-Cross variant.

Their inception to the global auto market:

In 1916, the Japanese automobiles industry underwent constructions under the name Tokyo Ishikwajima Dockland Company Ltd.

In 1922, the 1st ever Japanese passenger vehicle Wolseley A9, came out, which was immediately followed by 550 CP trucks in 1927.

Their name changed to Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo Co Ltd in 1937. And that in many ways the start of Isuzu Motor Ltd. Their 1st production line in 1939 (mainly trucks) went about and 4 years later their diesel engine line-started fitting into automobiles.

But the real break came about in the early 50s when they made a 10-year pact with Rootes Motors to manufacture and also assemble Hillman Max series in 1953. Introductions of Bellel in 1961 and Bellette in 1963, followed suit as per expectancy.

Other noteworthy Isuzu cars include 117 Giugiaro Coupe in 1968, Gemini -with General Motors in 1974, Piazza- another Giugiaro inspiring model in 1981 and Rodeo Big Horn - a 4wd model in 1985.

Global Business Results:

Supporting its distribution across worldwide auto markets, Isuzu over the years still stands as one of the most successful automakers.

As per data of 2017, Isuzu's worldwide popularity, figures at around 614,798 (376,489 units overseas and 238,309 units in Japan).Production units include Heavy, Light Duty, and LCV.

2017 global sales figures showcase 616,350 autos (With overseas sold-offs standing at 531, 444 units and 84,906 units in Japan).

Their primary overseas areas include Thailand, USA, Japan, Indonesia, and Germany. Asian countries, particularly India also falls under its successful business hubs.

Their prestigious models and their lucrative markets:

Encompassing Europe, Asia, North America and Japan, the company formed a systematic link with one another for diesel engine supplies.

Japan as obvious being the base engine production ground, their D-Max 8 GF1 6.6 litre Diesel engine started production in 2000. Along with the engine, this robust Isuzu model also became available in the US and Canadian markets.

In many ways, considered as one of its best models, in the year 2007, Isuzu sold off 1437 D-Max models in worldwide markets. In Europe, it was also the only model sold.

Other Isuzu cars with an equal share of popularity include Isuzu Mu-X, which is categorically a PPV-Passenger Pickup Vehicle and Panther (ASV). Both are hot overseas sellers apart from Japan especially the 10-seater Panther in Vietnam and Philippines.

The scenario in the Indian Market:

Isuzu introduces 2 of its popular models namely the MUX and D-Max (3 variants). These variants include D-Max Single Cab- 2499cc @ a price of around Rs. 6-7 lakhs, Isuzu D-Max Double Cab- 2499cc- price range- Rs.7-8 lakhs and D-Max V-Cross- Diesel 2499cc at price range Rs-11-13 Lakhs.

Having a substantial hold in the Indian markets, these models will be what they will look to lock horns with market rivals namely Mahindra Thar, Force Gurkha, Mahindra Scorpio and Its Getaway.

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