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Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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About Ferrari Cars

Ferrari cars are the perfect example of automobiles becoming more than just a transportation medium. They are the epitome of everything that a vehicle can be from every single aspect possible. While already in India, they're presently looking to expand their market presence further.

Ferrari cars: Luxury, class and pure performance

There are very few brand names around with a unanimous recognition. The likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Adidas/Nike, Microsoft, Apple, etc. among others are too common names for a random individual to not know. Ferrari is perhaps one of the only brand names from this automotive industry with such a universal appeal and renown. Ferrari cars are the epitome of everything that a car can be and the number of Indian owners are increasing every week, if not daily.

The Legend of Scuderia Ferrari:

Enzo Ferrari's maiden initiative dates back to 1929 as Scuderia Ferrari in Modena. Strangely, his association with automobile engineering was only a tryst of chance. Functioning as an engineering supervisor for Alfa Romeo vehicles, it was not long before Enzo's hiring in as the racing director for Alfa's motorsports department in 1938.

By then, Enzo's Ferrari dream was well on its way to realization following up with his withdrawal from Alfa and reinvigoration into Scuderia Ferrari. Enzo refused to associate the Ferrari badge with any other car manufacturer. Laying the foundations of Auto Avio Construzioni, the first production outputs were actually aircraft accessories and other machinery.

It was not until 1940 that Enzo's first racing car saw daylight - the Tipo 815. Following up by re-establishing their HQ in Maranello in 1943, 1947 was the first time an automobile with Ferrari's badge as the 125 S came into existence. This 1.5L V12 is the building block to the modern empire of Ferrari cars.

But it was not until 1969 that Enzo was able to stretch out his ambitions. Fiat's acquisition of a 50% stake in this automobile giant is a major pillar in the history. Enzo finally has the funds to upgrade the Maranello plant. Ferrari quickly becomes a sensation, thanks to Enzo's brilliance in delivering extreme performance along with luxury. His dream continues to be envisaged today.

Brand value at its best:

Enzo's idea of making Ferrari's brand value beyond the necessity of advertising remains even today. The Italians are one of the few manufacturers for whom demand precedes supply. Every single model from their manufacturing plant sold before production is completed. Ferrari's rating as the most powerful brand in the world in 2015 by Brand Finance is only obvious.

Indian Market Reach and Stores:

Continuing from Ferrari's exceptional brand power, it's the buyers who come to Ferrari and not the other way around. For the Italian manufacturers, India has a huge prospect in becoming an important market in the South-East Asian region. For an economy which is yet to achieve a stable growth spectrum, India has enough potential owners who can afford and maintain Ferrari cars. And that is just what Scuderia plans to tap into.

Ferrari Cars in India:

There are two official stores in India – Delhi and Mumbai. But the manufacturers are receiving ever increasing bookings and requests from Indian buyers. As of now, there are 5 Ferrari cars which are available in this country. At INR 3.5 crores, the Ferrari California T Convertible has the lowest price tag.

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