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About Bugatti Cars


If there is a limitation to what an automobile with an internal combustion engine can be, Bugatti cars are all about going over it. They are the absolute epitome of an automobile from every aspect – luxury, class, elegance, style and finally sheer extreme machine power.

Bugatti Cars Looking to Expand in Asia starting with India:

Bugatti is where aesthetics meets technology for an offspring unlike no other. It's more than an automobile brand. Bugatti cars resemble a benchmark of what art and technology can create. They are an example of an epitome of human creation itself.

Bugatti and automobile history:

Considered as a pioneer artist with Art Nouveau reflecting deep from his creations, Carlo Bugatti was the father of a French dynasty of art or rather singular excellence. For his son, Ettore will prolong their family lineage of regal blood into automobiles.

After a 17 year fits an engine onto a tricycle, Ettore tries to satiate a fledgling passion for technology and mechanics. In 1901, the first Bugatti, without even a badge, just Type 2, breathes air. It wins an award from the French Automobile Club.

Ettore finds himself at the brain of Die Dietrich as the head of technology for a car production venture under Baron Die Dietrich's patronage. At 21, Ettore was not old enough to sign the contract which father Carlo signed in his stead.

In 1903, just a year later, the Type 5 was already one-of-a-kind with a goliath 12.9L displacement. It was a race car, not a production car. Ettore left Die Dietrich and later, he left Emil Mathis' patronage for the same reason.

1909 was when Jean Bugatti, Ettore's son and also the head of Bugatti racing team, opens the Moslheim factory in that year with Pierre de Vizcaya's finance to contractually manufacture 10 Bugatti cars and 5 airplane engines.

Bugatti, as we know it today, is Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. functioning under the Volkswagen AG group. The 18/3 Chiron concept of 1999's Frankfurt Motor Show was just a starter to revival which is now a delicacy.

Bugatti Cars in the world:

Since September 2005, Bugatti has assembled 450 Veyrons. The last model, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse meets its owner on 23rd February 2015.

Bugatti creations come out from Molsheim France plant, or in their terms, studio, although it did lay in ruins post-World War II. They are the smallest manufacturers under VW's banner. But owning one Veyron is the same as owning at least a 100 Volkswagen Polos.

Bugatti unveiled their newest dealer in UAE, their 15th globally although it's the largest one so far.

And they manufacture one model at a time; it's their piece of art. From 2015 they're manufacturing the Chiron, and they'll craft only 500 Chiron.

A Cult of Affluence:

As a brand, Bugatti is about the final oozes of perfection for everything that an automobile can be. It has 7.993 cm3 spreading across 16 cylinders in a W configuration along with 4 turbochargers in all, producing a maximum of 1500 HP. Top speed's somewhere around 463 km/h. As for everything else about the Chiron, it is automotive perfection.

Bugatti cars in India:

There's only one Bugatti showroom in India, in New Delhi. But there are more than one owners of Bugatti cars in this country. If someone wants to buy a Bugatti, they can buy the Chiron, not the Veyron. The Chiron will cost above INR 15 crores and more. Bugatti is "Baise avec amour."

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