9, Mar 2018 (updated : 9, Apr 2018)

How to Hide Chubby Cheeks with Makeup

Want to slim down your face without surgery? Makeup is the way to go!

We all want cheekbones that look like they've been carved out by Aphrodite herself, but we can't all win the genetic lottery. For those of us who have chubby cheeks, we have two options: the first option is the drastic one, which is surgery. But for those of us who don't want to go under the knife, makeup will be our savior!

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Contour and Blend

Contouring under the cheeks and on your jawline can instantly make your face super slim. Just make sure to blend in your contour so it's not too obvious.

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Toned Down Blush

Use a blush color that's not too bright. Bright blush shades will emphasize your cheeks, therefore making them look bigger. Pro tip: wear your blush right under the apples of your cheeks to mimic a shadow effect.

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Arch the Brows

One way to help make a round face look more angular is by drawing in your brows in a more angular shape. So arch those brows and make them a little more angular.

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Wing Liner

Draw attention towards your eyes by drawing in a fierce, bold wing! This helps your eyes look bigger and can also help make the rest of your face seem smaller.

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Creating an illusion of a slimmer face with makeup is no big deal! Just know how to use the right products and techniques to use!