25, Dec 2017

4 Beauty Trends that Women Loved in 2017

These were the biggest trends of the year, and we imagine they'll still be huge in 2018!

The 90s had the brown lip trend, the 2000s had the frosty lips and shadows. But what about the 2010s? The decade isn't over yet, but we already know what trends got big in 2017!

Bold Lip Look

The 2000s was all about frosty, glossy lips, but 2017 is all about bold colors that really accentuate the lips. Bold lips are often paired with more natural, simple makeup to really make the lips stand out.

Big, Bushy Brows

For decades before 2017, brows were plucked to oblivion. Now they're taking center stage with makeup artists really emphasizing the brows for a fuller, more natural look.

Winged Liner

Yes, winged liner has been around since liquid liner was invented. But this year, better formulas of colored liquid liner paved the way for bolder, more colorful winged liner looks.

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Soft, Beachy Curls

A little more volume and some soft, wavy curls took center stage this year. Instead of the spaghetti-straight hair, more romantic, beachy curls became the popular hairstyle.

Which of these trends did you rock in 2017?