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About Sharp Air Conditioners


Sharp is one of Japan's oldest electronics ventures. Over the last century, it expanded its business to foreign shores. Today Sharp air conditioners, TVs and radios are available in bustling economies like India, Taiwan, North American countries, etc.

Sharp Air Conditioners and Durables are Products of Immaculate Japanese Engineering

The Japanese are well known for their engineering and craftsmanship. Sharp is one of the leading proponents of this philosophy. Over the decades it reinvented itself and today, Sharp is one of the giants in the global consumer durables market with a strong market presence in Asian countries. Sharp air conditioners are highly sought after in the Indian air conditioning market.

How It All Began

In 1912, Tokuji Hayakawa founded a small metal workshop in Tokyo. He was an innovator who constantly pushed the envelope of probable technological advancements. In 1915, he developed the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil and it was an instant success. Incidentally, the brand name Sharp came from this device itself.

Through the years, Sharp grew exponentially. By 1953, it started producing TV sets. During the late 1990's it became the leading TV manufacturer in North and South America, venturing into other durable products like air Conditioners and purifiers.

The Japanese company entered rapidly in the growing Asian markets like India in 1989. Since then, it has set up three highly successful Indian subsidiaries. Sharp India Ltd, which is Sharp's first Indian venture, deals with home appliances. Sharp air conditioners, TV sets and other home appliances all fall under this company.

In February 2016, Sharp sold a certain amount of stake to Taiwan based Foxconn Group for $3.5 billion.

Places to Buy Sharp Products

This over 100-year-old Japanese company is a multinational company with operational bases in almost all the major continents. In countries like Canada and the U.S.A., Sharp outlets spread across almost every major city. Although these are their primary markets, Sharp also holds substantial market shares in the European market.

Customer Reviews and Brand Popularity

This Japanese electronics company is a seasoned player in the consumer product sector. It has garnered substantial goodwill for its innovative, yet dependable product design. In Japan, Sharp is still one of the leading TV manufacturers. Till 2010, it was a leader in mobile phone manufacturing as well.

Eco-Friendly Business Endeavors

In 2011, Greenpeace ranked this Japanese company at eleventh in environment-friendly undertakings. They have always kept a clean operational record and invested millions of dollars in reducing their overall environmental impact. Sharp air conditioners and other consumer durables display this attribute through their efficient and dependable functioning.

Sharp Air Conditioners and Other Products in the Indian Market

In India, Sharp air conditioners and other products are increasingly popular amongst middle class and upper-middle class consumer stratum. This is because they are affordable and have an efficient after-sales service system.

Sharp has opened thousands of outlets, service centers and offices spreading across both the urban and rural areas in India. In big cities like Chennai and Indore, there are multiple dealerships of Sharp consumer durables or office automation products.

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