Samsung Air Conditioners Price List in India February 2019

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  • Split
  • 11520 kj/h(3.2kW)
  • 910 W
Rs 43,000 (1 Price)
Samsung AR18KC5HDWK

Samsung AR18KC5HDWK

  • Split
  • 1480 W
Rs 42,900 (1 Price)
Samsung AR12JC3ESLW

Samsung AR12JC3ESLW

  • Split
  • 10900 kj/h
  • 1090 W
Rs 35,300 (1 Price)
Samsung AR12HV5NBWK

Samsung AR12HV5NBWK

  • Split
  • 9100 kj/h
  • 910 W
Rs 36,799 - (2 Prices)
Samsung AR18JV5HBTQ

Samsung AR18JV5HBTQ

  • Split
  • 21150 kj/h
  • 1520 W
Rs 44,599 (2 Prices)
Samsung AR18JV5NBWK

Samsung AR18JV5NBWK

  • Split
  • 14100 kj/h
  • 1410 W
- (0 Prices)
Samsung AR18HC3UXUQ

Samsung AR18HC3UXUQ

  • Split
  • 16100 kj/h
  • 1610 W
- (0 Prices)
Samsung AR12JC2JAMV

Samsung AR12JC2JAMV

  • Split
  • 11320 kj/h
  • 1132 W
- (0 Prices)
Samsung AR18JV5DAWK

Samsung AR18JV5DAWK

  • Split
  • 13100 kj/h
  • 1310 W
- (0 Prices)
updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Samsung Air Conditioners Price 2019

Latest Samsung Air Conditioners Price
Samsung AR12JV5NBWKNNA Rs 43,000
Samsung AR12JV5HATQNNA Rs 40,000 -
Samsung AR18KC5HDWK Rs 42,900
Samsung AR18JV5HBTQ Rs 44,599
Samsung AR12JC3ESLW Rs 35,300
Samsung AR12HV5NBWK Rs 36,799 -

Latest Reviews for Samsung Air Conditioners

Pros: cooling effect is good. Cons: It is just normal ac which only cools the air around you but does not have any advanced features like air filters, anti-bacteria filters, and auto restart and so ...Read more

  • Rating : 2.5
  • Review by suma k
  • Date : 31, Aug 2017

i am utilizing this AC and i discovered personality boggling segments like it cools the joining quickly,we can set level of the coolness especially easily,i feel phenomenal while AC is on.i had ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by dinesh peak
  • Date : 22, May 2017

this air cooler contains more parts will pick each one of the degrees in stars underneath and i didn't find many cons in this cooler,compare to various aircoolers this is complimented .this is ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by shekar N gowda
  • Date : 15, May 2017

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warming than cooling

Why are humidifiers used more in warming than cooling?

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About Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung Air Conditioners are the new talk of town

Samsung's home appliances division consists of research, development, manufacturing and marketing of air conditioners, washers, air purifiers, microwave ovens, etc. In India Samsung Air conditioners have got a boom in its sales over the last decades due to the almost flourishing economy and reduction of prices. Weather conditions in the country have made it quite mandatory to own an air conditioner so that one can rest easy after a tired day's work. Nowadays, owning ACs is not considered as a luxury contrary to how it was perceived in the just a decade ago. With a premium lineup of models catering to every need and requirement, Samsung comes with a full arsenal.

History of the maker

Headquartered in Suwon, South Korea- Samsung has expanded worldwide after coming into existence back in 1938. Even though the electronics division only went public in 1988, this company's progress can only be coined as exemplary in every aspect. Held as pioneers in telecommunications and computing, Samsung home appliances have now also made a huge impact among the local competitors in India.

Features of Samsung Air conditioners

Triangle Inverter Split AC 1.5 TR: This model is one of the company's high-end devices that are primarily used in office rooms, business areas or large halls where faster cooling capability is of the essence. The most important features of this model are Stabilizer free operation, Triangle design for extra powerful cooling and energy saving technology. Easy filter is a welcome addition that eliminates viruses and germs efficiently.

New Boracay Split AC with HD filter: This air conditioner gets its name from an Allergen filter that works to eliminate germs from the environment and keep you breathing healthy all day long. This model works on Multijet Plus Technology, and has 5.4 kW capacity cooling with EER of 3.61. This model is another of Samsung's genius creations that has found its way in many homes and offices.

Reasons for popularity in India

Samsung Air conditioners are widely known across the country for their power efficiency rating and superior cooling methods that are unparalleled. In the diverse home appliances market, you may be spoiled for choice seeing so many options; but not every brand has the reputation to back up their products like Samsung does. Prices of Samsung Air conditioners are at par with other competitors, may be even lesser in few cases. If a superb Air Conditioning system is what you require in India then think no further and get yourself a Samsung.

July 26, 2017

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