Lloyd Air Conditioners Price List in India May 2018

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Lloyd LS19A5LK

Lloyd LS19A5LK

  • Split
  • 5353.4 kj/h
  • 1489.7 W
Rs 34,332 (1 Price)
Lloyd LP12TN

Lloyd LP12TN

  • Stand
  • 3250 kj/h
  • 1350 W
Rs 23,480 - (3 Prices)
Lloyd LS24A3FX

Lloyd LS24A3FX

  • Split
  • 1980 W
Rs 37,490 (1 Price)
Lloyd LS13A3LX

Lloyd LS13A3LX

  • Split
  • 3351 kj/h
  • 1068 W
Rs 22,997 - (2 Prices)
Lloyd LS19A3LX

Lloyd LS19A3LX

  • Split
  • 5042 kj/h
  • 1609 W
Rs 28,490 (1 Price)
Lloyd Curvella LS13A3P

Lloyd Curvella LS13A3P

  • Split
  • 12000 kj/h
  • 1092 W
Rs 23,500 (1 Price)
Lloyd LS24A2P

Lloyd LS24A2P

  • Split
  • 6500 kj/h
  • 2200 W
Rs 35,689 (1 Price)
Lloyd LS13A5LX

Lloyd LS13A5LX

  • Split
  • 3569 kj/h
  • 984 W
Rs 26,163 (1 Price)
Lloyd LS13A5LN

Lloyd LS13A5LN

  • Split
  • 12000 kj/h
  • 945 W
- (0 Prices)
updated on 23, May 2018, 04:24

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Lloyd Air Conditioners Price 2018

Latest Lloyd Air Conditioners Price
Lloyd LP12TN Rs 23,480 -
Lloyd LS24A3FX Rs 37,490
Lloyd LS24A2P Rs 35,689
Lloyd LS19A5LK Rs 34,332
Lloyd LS19A3LX Rs 28,490
Lloyd LS13A5LX Rs 26,163
Lloyd LS13A3LX Rs 22,997 -
Lloyd Curvella LS13A3P Rs 23,500
Lloyd LP12TN Lloyd LP12TN

Latest Reviews for Lloyd Air Conditioners

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  • Review by dinesh peak
  • Date : 23, May 2017

i am using this AC and i found identity boggling fragments like it cools the joining quickly,we can set level of the coolness particularly easily,i feel sensational while AC is on.i had grand feel ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Rakshit kk
  • Date : 22, May 2017

this air cooler contains more parts will pick every one of the degrees in stars underneath and i didn't discover many cons in this cooler,compare to different aircoolers this is complimented .this is ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by shekar N gowda
  • Date : 15, May 2017

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About Lloyd Air Conditioners


Lloyd Group is one of the premier Indian business groups. Their electrical and engineering subsidiary produces the famed Lloyd air conditioners. In recent years, Lloyd expanded its operations to European countries. The company started their business more than 60 years ago and built their way up to the current situation.

Lloyd Airconditioners: A Niche Electronics Manufacturer Essentially Indian

Air conditioners, in many ways, have become a necessity from a luxury in this Indian market. Recently, radical upsurge in this market for advanced air-condition units of international standards has come up as a new segment. As per consumer utility feeds, Lloyd airconditioners are one of the prime choices now.

An Electronics Giant

Lloyd Electrics and Engineering LTD. is one of India's most respected and well-known consumer goods brand. And Lloyd air conditioners have dominated market proceedings since its inception. Their production and reach span internationally.

The Lloyd group officially started doing business in 1957. Initially, it served the commercial ventilation and engine cooling system department. But later it branched out into consumer electrical products. Their Electric and Engineering LTD. started out in 1987, in Rajasthan.

The new plant in Rajasthan ensured that Lloyd group officially entered consumer goods market. Soon it started producing electrical goods like refrigerators and room heaters. They notched up production figures rapidly.

Gradually, they started controlling the electrical goods market, and as a result, profits rose to new levels. The greater revenue helped them produce more advanced products, and the Lloyd air conditioner soon became a household product.

The group's numerous subsidiaries now spanned from commercial electrics to consumer gadgets. In fact, Lloyd's current valuation is around $500 Million. This exponential growth rate encouraged the company's expansion further.

In 2008, it acquired Luvatat Czech, s.r.o and expanded its operations to the European shores. Before this acquisition, Lloyd launched some other measures which helped it capture their domestic customers efficiently.

For instance, over the last decade, Lloyd set up over 17 different advanced manufacturing facilities. All these additions boosted their air conditioner production to 300 thousand units per annum.

Their research and development wing's continued support anointed these new machines with advanced weather control and better cooling features. In recent times, Lloyd Electrics have set up two new designs and manufacturing centres in the European Union. Recent stats show Lloyd Electric's expanding operations and entering the split Air conditioner market.

Lloyd Air conditioners in Indian Market: Reach and Expectations

Being an established brand, Lloyd Electric's official showrooms spread across every state in India. In recent years, they have spread to numerous overseas markets. Their reach now spans from Himachal Pradesh in India to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Numerous showrooms in small cities and district towns enhanced Lloyd's customer base. Now, it caters to both metropolitan and rural divisions. The rapid development of delivery and order clearing facility has led to more successful trades.

Brand Value

When it comes to popularity, Lloyd needs no extra explanation. The company enjoys a highly respectable status amongst Indian customers. The Lloyd brand itself is more than half a century old. Hence, it garners a good deal of trust amongst multiple customer age groups.

Superior Quality Simplified

The brand meticulously designs their products, and Lloyd airconditioners lineup is an excellent example of that temperament. The production, research and sales departments work in perfect tandem with each other, which is why Lloyd products are more durable and robust than their immediate competitions.

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