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Latest Reviews for IFB Air Conditioners

Everything s better in this and writing a review because I have this air conditioner in my house. it cools the room in a better way. I like it's design and it is durable. Gud power saving technology ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Review by Aravind Sairam
  • Date : 24, Aug 2017

I bought this AC to my office. It’s really very good it cools room very soon. I am using this from past 1 year without any problems. Also it consumes less power. Feels like inhaling natural air. I ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Review by Jeevitha
  • Date : 21, Mar 2017

About IFB Air Conditioners


Despite a booming Indian consumer durables market flooding with foreign manufacturers, IFB air conditioners and other products continue to lead this arena. A completely home-grown manufacturer, IFB now looks to go above and beyond the Indian market with their whole range of products.

IFB Air Conditioners Moving Towards a Larger Global Connection

Opening up to foreign manufacturers and investments, India is the new hotspot for the global consumer durables industry. With a flourish of foreign manufacturers in the country, this has become one of the most competitive markets around and rightfully so considering its huge prospective consumer base. But despite the presence of thebig global names, IFB air conditioners still continue to rule the market.

A Home-Grown Company

The foundation of IFB Home Appliances, a division of IFB Industries Ltd lies in the collaboration between Heinrich Schmid AG, a Swiss fine-blanked-products giant. Naming the venture as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd., their first line of products were straighteners, strip loaders etc.

1985 saw Indian Fine Blanks open up their first manufacturing plant in Gangarampur. Noticeably, they were the only fledgeling manufacturers around deliberately concentrating on integrating high-end technology.

Continuing with their future-first approach, 1988 saw the company leading into projects abroad. Further collaborations with the likes of Wagner GmbH &Co KG and Rentrop Hubert saw them foraying into auto-adjusting seat functions.

IFB air conditioners took their first steps after associating with Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte in 1989. Changing their brand name into IFB, the Indian industrialist was already manufacturing domestic appliances keeping in tow with the international levels. IFB was the first Indian manufacturer to introduce the fully automatic washing machines and later, the automatic dryers.

IFB's Global Outlook

Considering that IFB started off as a German-Indian collaboration, they already have an international connection. Further joint ventures with German companies increased their product line-up creating an international identity right inside the Indian market.

As for their global identity, IFB air conditioners and other products limit mostly to Indian markets. But their subsidiary liaison arms, such as European Fine Blanking Ltd. continue to function in that product segment supplying to the Europen and the UK markets.

The Brand IFB

For a completely homegrown manufacturer, IFB never takes to undermine their quality parameters. Their German know-how does help in this matter aiding them in manufacturing products which continue to be on a par with global standards. This is what allows them to compete against the leading global brands successfully. For Indian consumers, IFB air conditioners and other products simply mean top-end technology at a more affordable price than the biggest names.

IFB Products in the Indian Market

Continuing with this brand mantra, IFB sustains its market shares throughout the years. T IFB air conditioners persist as one of the leading manufacturers across multiple states. With more than 250 retail outlets, IFB looks to continue their consistent run.

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