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Electrolux S18E5W

Electrolux S18E5W

  • Split
  • 15000 kj/h
  • 1482 W
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Electrolux S18P3W

Electrolux S18P3W

  • Split
  • 16000 kj/h
  • 1610 W
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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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About Electrolux Air Conditioners


Among the most popular brands around in the consumer appliances market, Electrolux Air Conditioners and other products continue as a top-seller globally. With an expanding Indian market, Electrolux aims for global domination with a strong foothold in South-East Asia.

Electrolux Air Conditioners Striving for Greater Sub-Continental Supremacy

Consumer appliances continue to be one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world with ever-increasing sales figures and continually renewing range of products. Electrolux continues to be undoubtedly one of the biggest names. In an Indian market which is yet to reach even half of its saturation, Electrolux Air Conditioners and other products look to make it big and lead sales with an eye towards the future.

The First Few Steps

These Swedish manufacturers did not start off with the Electrolux brand name at all. Instead, in 1919, the company as it stands today came as a result of a merger between Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB.

To be more specific, Electrolux took birth as a result of Svenska's acquisition of Lux. The first products coming out of the production lines were vacuum cleaners. This continued to the picture until Elektrolux acquired AB Arctic. This added refrigerators to their production line since 1923 although the name continued to be Elektrolux.

Continuing with this production lineup for some time, it's only in 1951 that their range of products increased with washing machines and then dishwashers in 1953. In 1957 they adopted the brand name 'Electrolux' while foraying into the food service equipment market section. Electrolux Air Conditioners were a long way off still but an obvious introduction into the setup.

Electrolux on a Global Scale

These Swedish manufacturers continue among the top brands on a global scale as per unit sales. Ranking 2nd in 2010 behind Whirlpool, Electrolux has a market reach across all economic regions including more than 150 countries.

Their largest markets continue to be North America, Latin America and Europe. Of these USA, Brazil and Australia alone contribute the higher numbers. But they are shifting their concentration to a highly prospective Asian market. This includes a larger emphasis on India, especially with Electrolux Air Conditioners.

Brand Electrolux

Guaranteed performance and a proper value-for-money, this is just what this brand refers to for every single buyer. By nature, consumer appliances have a lot to do with brand visibility. But what matters most to achieve a strong market share is a product which satisfies consumer requirements.

Electrolux Products in India

This Indian market shows prospects of increasing by more than 30% per annum in the air conditioning segment. But it's still yet to go beyond its value-first sentiment.

Primarily a quality-first brand throughout the years, Electrolux Air Conditioners continues to increase their market shares at a strong rate. Combining this success with a foray into the hot selling small appliances market, 75 direct dealers and numerous liaisons, Electrolux are investing in India with a stable eye on the future.

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