Yamaha Jupiter for sale in India March 2018

Yamaha Jupiter

Yamaha Jupiter
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Model Jupiter
Displacement(cc) 134.40
Available Color
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
Transmission 5-speed
Starter Electric/Kick
km Per Liter -
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 4.0
Weight(kg) 109.0
L*W*H(mm) 1,960 x 695 x 1,080
Type Underbone
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Body kit new jupiter mx

Body kit new jupiter mx

About Yamaha Jupiter


Incorporating the conveniences of an auto transmission system and adequate fuel economy, the Yamaha Jupiter did prove to be great value for money. Immediately after its launch it did make a strong impression in an already booming market with noteworthy sales figures both in India and also abroad.

Yamaha Jupiter Continues its Selling Juggernaut in the Indian Mass Market

For the Indian commuters, buying a scooter does appear to be a convenient option. In comparison to the bikes segment which saw a 7.89 % increase, scooters in comparison showcased an 18.27% increase in the financial year 2015-16. In an attempt to make the most of this surging arcade, the Yamaha Jupiter came out and immediately proved to be an apt commuting weapon.

A Look into Its History

Yamaha launched its 1st Jupiter series in Indonesia as the Jupiter 100 in the year 2000. The model came with a 100cc SOHC air-cooled engine bearing 4.5 fuel capacity! The model was widely sold all around Indonesia till 2003 with another name the Honda Lagenda. During the course of that time, this model gathered a fair amount of reputation, even winning the Malaysian Cub Prix.

Succeeding this model was the Yamaha Jupiter Z 100 series which came out 2005. As a facelift version, this new series incorporated more sporty features, sports rims, back absorbers and extra oil canisters for suave road runs. This model flourished till 2010 and was available worldwide in only blue color.

To keep up the formidable sales and rising demands, Honda let out its upgraded Jupiter Z series with a fresh engine configuration. However, as per the set expectancy, this model did not fare well owing to low output production.

Replacing this, Honda launched the Jupiter Z fuel injection series and in 2013 with improvements in power output and fuel efficiency. This series continued for a fair length of time in varied markets. It was also sold off as Vega Force I (Philippines), Jupiter RC (in Thailand and Vietnam).

Popularity in Countries

Considering the demand for fuel-efficient and stylish scooters, almost every Yamaha Jupiter did receive a fair amount of attention. Steady sales went about in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

Speaking of India, a 100cc smooth roller was seen to be a tailor-made rural product. This allowed Honda to penetrate the tough and tight rural Indian market and amass a considerable amount of sales despite the tough competition.

Best Sellers and Reasons

The Yamaha Jupiter Z1 labeling as the latest generation of Jupiter stands as the most successful seller. With elegant graphics, latest injection system and ability to churn out impressive power output, the model received acknowledgment across many parts of India.

Statistically, this edition of the Jupiter was 20% better in fuel efficiency. This was something the daily Indian commuters admired dearly. Plus the scooter came with better aerodynamics ensuring stable engine maintenance even at continuous usage.

Its 2017 Model

The Yamaha Jupiter 2017 model is available in official dealerships. Hosting a 113.5cc displacement, enhanced SOHC single overhead Cams fuel system, wonderful braking and suspension specs, it is surely a top option available at this point. Furthermore, it also comes at a pouch friendly tag, and that makes it all the more convenient for an average Indian commuter.

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