7, Mar 2018

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S to sport vertically-mounted-dual-rear cameras on the top left side

Xiaomi is about to drop its next-gen Mi MIX 2S on March 27. As we are nearing the launch, rumors became more and more intense. A newly-leaked spy shot reveals that the device sports vertically-positioned-dual-rear cameras on its upper left corner.

As we inch closer to the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S' launch on March 27, leaks and rumors kept pouring in great quantity. However, the speculations are all focused on what innards the upcoming phone might offer upon its arrival, while not much was revealed regarding its aesthetics. Luckily, we came across a new report which serves as the filler between the gaps. Of course, we already know that just like its predecessors, the Mi MIX 2S will have a full-screen display and minimal, almost non-existent bezels. While they are praised for leading the war against bezels, the Mi MIX series seems lacking when it comes to camera departments.

Apparently, the users' concern reached Xiaomi, who immediately addressed the problem by employing a dual-camera module on the next-gen Mi MIX 2S. Granted that we are aware of the existence of dual cameras on the phone, the question is, "What will be its placement?" The rumor mill gave contradicting answers to that query with some saying that it will still be in the center while others suggest that it will be on the side. The latest news, however, seems to reaffirm the latter. The newly-leaked spy shots of the alleged Mi MIX 2S reveals that there will be a vertically-positioned-dual-rear camera, with an LED flash in between the two lenses, on the handset's top left corner.

Furthermore, the image discloses that the Mi MIX 2S will have the same fingerprint scanner placement as the previous Mi MIX2 smartphones. It will also retain the ceramic build of its predecessors, as hinted by its seemingly-reflective appearance. The first and second-gen Mi MIX phones bear the words "MIX Designed by Xiaomi" on the rear panel whereas the Mi MIX 2S has a "Mi MIX Designed by Xiaomi" text. For sure, Xiaomi's Mi MIX 2S will offer more apart from a revamped camera. We'll get to see it on March 27.

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