Toyota Supra for sale in India February 2019

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Toyota Supra fastback coupe L_1

Toyota Supra Mark IV A80 1993-2002
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_1
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_2
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_3
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_4
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_5
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_6
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_7
  • Toyota Supra fastback coupe S_8
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  • Production 1978 - 2002
  • Toyota Supra falls under both sports car come grand tourer category. Latest 2 door sports car was first displayed in 2014 Detroit auto show.
  • Two of its major rivals would be Porches Boxster and Chevrolet Corvette. Brake would comprise of multi piston discs of root diameter 11.5 inches.
  • The engine comprises of V6 hybrid system, which produces nearly 400 hp of power. Supposedly it comes with the double bubble roof.

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Please someone post it's price.

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Toyota supra

I want to buy a Toyota supra for best price good condition

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