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Samsung Galaxy TAB E-T561

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Galaxy TAB E-T5 brings the best of design, performance and service to your palm. Enjoy the sleek and portable nature of this tablet while you maximize performance and usage, especially with incredible multi-tasking capabilities and external micro SD.
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 24.38 cm (9.6), 1280 x 80...
Samsung Galaxy TAB E-T561

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  • Lakshimi
  • 27, Dec 2017

Can we root Android tablets as well?


  • Parinaaz
  • 16, Jan 2018

Yes, like mobile phones android tablets can be rooted as well. but its better to have it done by someone who really know sit, its not really advisable to root a device for me. I think my cousin from California had her phone rooted it gotten worst ever.

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