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Samsung Galaxy TAB E-T561

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Galaxy TAB E-T5 brings the best of design, performance and service to your palm. Enjoy the sleek and portable nature of this tablet while you maximize performance and usage, especially with incredible multi-tasking capabilities and external micro SD.
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 24.38 cm (9.6), 1280 x 80...
Samsung Galaxy TAB E-T561

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  • Nalu
  • 15, Feb 2018

How to reset tablet?


  • Celeste
  • 15, Feb 2018

Its actually pretty easy since its the same as resetting your smartphone, however I would like to remind you in case you forgot, that you will lose all of your files that are saved in your tablet so make sure you make a back up

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  • Hassasin
  • 7, Feb 2018

What is airplane mode for?


  • Kali
  • 7, Feb 2018

That is really a good question. When I was using my phone before for the first time I saw this airplane mode and I am really confuse what is this for as well, maybe other users here can tel us what is that for, maybe its useful.

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  • Klaus
  • 20, Feb 2018

Its practically just another term for "offline mode", the reason its called Airplane mode is because its not allowed to use any kind of electronic device, especially those that emit some kind of radio signals as it might interfere with the Airplanes apparatus, turning the Airplane mode on will turn off those signals and prevent your phone from emitting them, hence Airplane mode

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  • Lakshimi
  • 27, Dec 2017

Can we root Android tablets as well?


  • Parinaaz
  • 16, Jan 2018

Yes, like mobile phones android tablets can be rooted as well. but its better to have it done by someone who really know sit, its not really advisable to root a device for me. I think my cousin from California had her phone rooted it gotten worst ever.

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Anjali Mukharjee

  • Anjali Mukharjee
  • 10, Sep 2017

How much it's display is ?


  • krishna17
  • 20, Sep 2017

Hi Anjali, its display is 24.38 cm (9.6) and its resolution is 1280 x 800 (WXGA) based on its specification here in the website. If you wanted to know how much is Samsung Galaxy Tab E its official price is Rs 17,200, hope this helps you.

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  • Rachana
  • 4, May 2016 / Good Answers : 2

Is there any option to change the OS version?
If yes suggest new versions and steps to install new version.

Kc Prashanth

  • Kc Prashanth
  • 15, May 2016 / Good Answers : 1

Hi Rachana,

Hope you are doing good!!

Yes you have the option to change the OS version by upgrading to newer OS version.

Check whether your Tablet has a update of OS by navigating to settings->About phone->check for updates. If there is update available then install it to upgrade to newer version of OS from your current OS.

Upgrading OS do not remove the installed applications nor your data.

Hope this information helped you,


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