12, Oct 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 wins Phone of the Year as Apple Watch Series 2 takes Best Smartwatch

The rivalry continues to stiffen between Samsung and Apple, but Samsung takes the top honors this year from the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 wins the highest award at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2017 in London. The annual event looks to celebrate the best in the mobile device industry, including top-notch handsets and the best wearables. Also included in the awards was the Apple Watch Series 2, which was voted the Best Smartwatch of 2017.

The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards revolved around the United Kingdom market, but being one of the major global markets for mobile devices, it's a pretty hefty and prestigious award. The awarding isn't just limited to mobile devices, but also includes outstanding services in the industry.

The awards given out go far and wide, with the top award, the Phone of the Year, going to the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung also managed to beat out Google, Huawei, and Nokia for the Manufacturer of the Year award as well. The Galaxy S8 also took the Best Camera Phone award, netting Samsung an awesome hat trick.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Apple, on the other hand, got the Best Smartwatch award for the Apple Watch Series 2, while the Best Fitness Wearable award went to the Fitbit Charge 2.

Apple Watch Series 2

Huawei also got some love as the One to Watch award, reflecting their strong bullish presence in the market as they evolve into a full-on smartphone powerhouse. Huawei also got the Best Midmarket Phone award for the Honor 9.

Honor 9

Motorola, on the other hand, got the Best Value Phone award for the Moto E4, which stood out in a field absolutely chock full of competition with the likes of the Honor 5C, the Nokia 3310 (2017), the Sony Xperia XA and the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017).

Moto E4

Google also won the Connected Gadget of the Year award for their Google Home speaker, beating out other rivals that have tried to emulate the Amazon Echo. When it comes to services, Amazon itself won the Best Online Retailer award.

It was an interesting event to highlight the best of the best in the mobile industry. Were there any surprises that you didn't expect among the winners? Be sure to watch for all the winners in the coming months; they are bound to be hot items especially with the holiday season coming up.

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