16, Mar 2017

Before the original Galaxy S8 its clone hits the market in China

Galaxy S8 has our hands rubbing in anticipation but the clone of the impending smartphone has already hit the streets in China. The knock off device dittos the display with thin bezels and the round edges supposed for the imminent Galaxy S8. Similar to the leaks of Galaxy S8, the clone features a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and does away with the home button. However, the replica device varies in terms of USB port, LED flash, Bixby button and the display in switched on mode.

The interest in upcoming Galaxy S8 has peaked at the maximum. Especially, after the failure of Note7, the fans are eagerly awaiting the next flagship from Samsung. The smartphone is expected to come out with refreshed design and bumped up specs. The device will be unveiled on March 29 and will hit the shelves at the end of April.

While the device is weeks away from reaching our hands, a knock off of Galaxy S8 has already found its way to the market in China. The device from an unknown manufacturer has recently been spotted online which looks like the clone (design wise) of the much-awaited Galaxy S8. China is no stranger to clones of the flagship devices. However, this time the clone has hit the market even before the original goes on sale.

The image of the cloned device resembling the original Galaxy S8 has been shared on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo. The cloned smartphone is based on the features and design of Galaxy S8's renders, images and the videos that have so far surfaced over the internet. The Weibo post claimed the device was bought from Huaqiang electronic market-based in Shenzhen province.

Several aspects of the cloned device tie in with the supposed features of the upcoming handset. The spurious Galaxy S8 boasts of the bigger display with round edges and thin bezels. Besides, there is no home button on the front as well as the fingerprint sensor sits at the back- much in the line of the impending device.

Nevertheless, apart from these similarities, there are so many differences as well. For instance, the positioning of the fingerprint sensor and the LED flash differs compared to what the leaks about the original Galaxy S8 had suggested.

So far, the leaks are unanimous that the imminent Galaxy S8 will sport a fingerprint scanner and LED flash respectively on the right and the left side of the rear camera. However, in the cloned device these positions are interchanged. Also, the cloned device has different speaker grille pattern and features a microUSB port whereas the original phone is supposed to have a USB Type-C port.

The difference becomes even more glaring when we turn to display on switched on mode. Thanks to black border both on the top and bottom, the display appears smaller in turned on mode than when it is switched off. Besides, Galaxy S8 is widely believed to have a dedicated button for Bixby, a feature that is Samsung's answer to Google Assistant. But the image of the knock off device doesn't show that button at all.

Although the cloned device mimics the Galaxy S8 and bears the Samsung branding it doesn't do the full justice to the cloning concept because of its obvious discrepancies. However, we expect more clones with better imitation will hit the shelves in coming days since Chinese market has this chutzpah of selling knock off devices of major OEMS.

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