1, Nov 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ LED Wallet Cover also provides LED notifications

What to expect from a smartphone cover case that is made by the handset manufacturer itself? Certainly more than any third-party cases. The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ LED Wallet Cover, therefore, performs a number of functions including protection to the phone, wallet-like storage, as well as LED notifications about calls, message and time, right on the cover.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ are power packed with specs and features, but at the same time slightly fragile from drops and falls as they are made up of glass on both sides. So, to safeguard the phones there is an array of covers that are available in the market. But none of them are as exciting as the official Galaxy S8 and S8+ LED Wallet Cover.

Before we discuss about this official cover, we must make it clear that our findings about the Wallet Cover are actually for the Galaxy S8 but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they would be the same for the Galaxy S8+ as well, since both the handsets are identical in many ways except the display size.

Let's begin by saying that the flip-style Galaxy S8/S8+ Wallet Cover is multifunctional, unlike the third-party cases which are only dedicated to providing protection to the handset. The Samsung Wallet Cover not only protects the handset effectively but also it can be used as a wallet for storing credit/debit cards as well as rail/cinema tickets.

But the most salient function of this Wallet Cover is showing the LED notifications. The dot-style notifications look refreshing to the point of whipping up nostalgia from yesteryears. The notifications appear on the front of the case giving away the status of time, calls, messages, battery status, volume and more without requiring to open the handset.

Thanks to the LED Icon Editor app, one can see who is calling. One can also customize LED icons by assigning them to specific app and people. Even its flip design is for a purpose. Once the flip cover is closed, the phone goes into sleep mode and wakes up as soon as it is opened.

For the protection of the phone, the LED Wallet is just excellent. Because of the hard internal frame used in the case, the phone, if falls, the sides and corners have the extra protection. For more premium appeal the Wallet Cover uses soft material on both the interior and exterior.

Above all, the design is appealing as well as ergonomic. The LED Wallet Cover is so perfectly designed that it doesn't even slightly hide or cover any of the keys and buttons. The LED lights are NFC-powered so there are no worries of battery depletion for keeping them on.

Since it is the official cover from Samsung, it doesn't come cheap. It costs $59.99 (Approx. Rs.3,870) but this tag is justified for what it offers as against the third party cheap covers available in abundance.

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