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Samsung Galaxy J1 4G (2017)

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Samsung Galaxy J1 4G (2017) with 4G LTE support Android 5.1, Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor speed.
  • Smartphone, Android 5.1
  • 4.5 inches, 800 x 480
Samsung Galaxy J1 4G (2017)

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Monica Shaha

  • Monica Shaha
  • 17, Nov 2017

What is its bluetooth version?


  • Vajra
  • 21, Nov 2017

I dont understand what does the 'Bluetooth version' means. All mobile phones are Bluetooth enable so I dont think this Samsung Galaxy j1 does not have one, I know for sure it also supports Bluetooth function.

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  • Yadu
  • 7, Nov 2017 / Good Answers : 1

is this a latest J series from Samsung this year? I thought its already J7 series now?


  • Aachman
  • 13, Nov 2017

I think they also have other J series like this one Samsung Galaxy J1 series i think they have created a new version this year. but I dont know why back to Samsung galaxy J1 series you are right its now J7 series the latest one.

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  • Dahana
  • 13, Nov 2017 / Good Answers : 1

I think they created another Samsung Galaxy J1 series maybe the first one has some defects to it, like comparing the Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 screen is flickering so maybe thats the reason they create a new one.

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  • Yadu
  • 13, Nov 2017 / Good Answers : 1

Its really confusing to know new phones but there are also old kinds of phones especially for Samsung phones they always create new kinds of phones with just some little adjustments to the specifications, why do they do that.


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