7, Jul 2017

Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017) gets WiFi certified

Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017) has received green signals from the WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG. It could mean that the device is up for launch very soon, with features as entrancing as that of its predecessor. All the certifications matter for the product's efficiency; as Samsung is still making up for its Galaxy Note7 fiasco, with innovative and safe technology. Galaxy C7 (2017) could first launch in China before moving to the other countries.

The new version of the Samsung Galaxy C7 smartphone is thought to launch soon. Galaxy C7 was launched in June last year, and it has been a year already. The handset with model number SM-C7100 is on its way to get the required certifications. It received the Bluetooth certification one month back from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). And after that, the phone was certified by the WiFi Alliance (WFA). The new version would support Wi-Fi Direct connectivity feature and single-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n (2.4GHz), according to the report shared on the certification website.

The SM-C7100 shall run on Android Nougat 7.1, as per the online leak. The handset's previous model had attractive features, including an 8 MP front camera and 16 MP rear camera. The storage capacity was impressive, and so was the 5.7" AMOLED display. Considering these features, the users could rightly expect the SM-C7100 to have similar or enhanced features. The market experts are of the view that the Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017) could first launch in China, before extending its reach globally, as was the case with its predecessor.

After the Galaxy Note7 fiasco, the South Korean electronics company is adept in producing better technology for its smartphones. It includes better batteries, which don't explode. The company has taken the issue seriously and is working on solid-state batteries which give the phone more durability and reliability. Samsung is taking the time to launch its mobile devices, so, it's good to wait for the new version of Samsung Galaxy C7, while the new model gets certification by the authorised agencies.

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