4, Jan 2018

OnePlus will launch a 5T Sandstone White variant on January 5

The OnePlus 5T flagship phone is about to receive a new variant, the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White, tomorrow, January 5. The nostalgic sandstone back panel, which debuted first on the OnePlus One, will be having a comeback on the device, as what its name suggests.

Before 2017 came to its close, OnePlus published a video teaser entitled "What's in the box?" showing random people trying to figure out an item inside a closed box. Guesses range from "smooth," "grippy," textured," "like stone," comparing the experience to that of the "OnePlus One Sandstone." Speaking of the first-gen OnePlus flagship, it was a unique offering from the China-based phone maker due to its sandstone back panel. In fact, a lot of people expressed their longing for the grippy material, whose statements were compiled by OnePlus in a video which ended with the words "We listened." This video compilation and the teaser alone both point to one delightful fact: OnePlus is indeed on the verge of launching a new OnePlus 5T variant, one which will bring back the nostalgic sandstone rear chassis.

OnePlus - What's in the Box?
Compiled statements in a video by OnePlus

A few days back, OnePlus also released a mysterious promotional advertisement on Chinese microblogging website Weibo. The poster says "three days left" on the top part, which suggests a January 5 launch. Please note, though, that today is January 4, that's why we are bound to see the device tomorrow. Meanwhile, the characters found on the bottom roughly translates to "The classic returns" while the symbol in the middle means "stone." Considering that the image's background color is white, we believe that the next-gen OnePlus 5T model will be Sandstone White instead of the Sandstone Black material used by the OnePlus One in 2014, as well as its successor, the OnePlus 2, in 2015. The Chinese manufacturer then dropped the Sandstone panel in favor of metal since the OnePlus 3.

For those who might not have noticed, the upcoming OnePlus 5T Sandstone White variant is similar to the 5T Star Wars Edition, which has a Sandstone back cover depicting the white-colored salt plains of the planet Craig from the movie. Although both received a paint job, they come with the same specs as the regular one but a much higher price tag.

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