26, Jul 2017

Rumours roll for Nokia 2 to be the next ultra-affordable handset

Recent leaks have shown the first hand images of the Nokia 2, which is assumed to launch soon. If the leaks are to be believed then, this would be Nokia's follow-up on the strategy to present phones in the budget range segment to the users. The phone has familiar looks to the Nokia 3, both in design and screen size. Little variations could be spotted between the two concerning the navigation buttons.

As the mobile phone market experiences competition, it is up to the mobile phone manufacturing companies to give a creative and well-prepared response. Such is the case with Nokia, as the company launched three budget phones, namely, the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6, in the recent past. There is certainly no mystery behind another launch of a Nokia phone. The leaks show the phone to be the Nokia 2, which is an affordable version to the recently launched phones by Nokia.

To go by the speculations, the Nokia 2 is similar to the Nokia 3 in design and size. Both phones have a 5-inch screen. But there are few differences, one of them includes capacitive touch keys for the Nokia 3, while the speculated Nokia 2 is shown with the navigation keys on the screen. To deduce facts from the images it can be assumed that the handset has speakers at the back. The rumours about the device coming from different sources don't match at some places. While a rumour suggests the phone shall run on Snapdragon 210 SoC, another suggests the device to come packed with MediaTek SoC.

Being referred as the ultra-affordable budget smartphone, it is certain that the phone would lack a metal build. The eyes are on the company to see how accurate the anticipations about the phone stand. Bringing phones in the budgeted segment in a manner goes in line with the philosophy of the company, which aims to reach out to different kinds of audiences, according to their phone needs. The strategy is very enticing, i.e. by manufacturing phones for the people who don't like to spend much on phones. It is at a time when most of the major smartphone manufacturing companies are working to create the best technological smartphones, which comes at a price.

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