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Xbox One X is the most sleek and distinctive no matter from which angle you see it. With 4K gaming and faster performance & graphics, certainly on the top of the grab list
Microsoft Xbox One X

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Amit Vavale

  • Amit Vavale
  • 23, Feb 2018

Does the games load quickly ?



  • Hassasin
  • 7, Feb 2018

Is this something like PS4 Pro or an entirely next gen console?


  • zaina
  • 8, Feb 2018

Well, this is another console type of console. Xbox is different from Ps4 because first its from Sony and this is from Microsoft. I prefer Sony PS consoles because of wide range of games I think Xbox games are limited and hard to find.

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  • Celeste
  • 20, Feb 2018

From what I gathered, its just an enhance version of Xbox one, much like Playstation 4 Pro or Neo for PS4, in short, its not a next gen console like Nintendo Switch. I heard it is a good buy, especially if you haven't owned any Xbox console and wanting to try it

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  • Vivaan
  • 11, Jan 2018

I canst seem to find any games for this? can I download it for free? how and where?


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Is this something like PS4 Pro or an entirely next gen console?

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