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Rs 45,990

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Official Price
  • Microsoft Xbox One Rs 26,030($399.99)

Microsoft Xbox One Price in India Starts from Rs 45,990

The lowest price of Microsoft Xbox One is Rs 45,990 at Amazon. Xbox One is not available in other stores at this time. The latest price of Microsoft Xbox One was updated on 22, Feb 2018, 05:30.

Specs of Microsoft Xbox One


  • Type: Home

About Microsoft Xbox One


Sort out your leisure time by playing Destiny2, FIFA 17 or any game of your choice with Microsoft Xbox One game console. With Ultra HD Blue-rays and HDR video support, Xbox One can be your next console choice.

Play Your Day Out with Microsoft Xbox One Game Console

Game consoles are now a favorite pastime for people of all ages. It's affordable to some extent and that is why its popularity. Xbox One brings a bundle of joy with its latest features.

Contemplation on the console

Buying a game console needs some research work from your side, especially if you're a novice to this gaming world. To help choose the best product, here's the speculation details.

  • This is an eighth generation home video game console with Xbox One system software
  • All models have 1080p and 720p resolution display. S and X models have 4K or 4000 pixels resolution
  • The game controllers and consoles are available in two colors, Xbox One: black and Xbox One: white

Outlining the Microsoft Xbox One game console

Microsoft Xbox One game console comes with several accessories and features. Accessories include wireless controllers, headsets,Kinect,Play and charge kit, Remotes and USB accessories. This gaming set has admirable features as well:

  • Xbox One offers 40% more power than other gaming consoles. It allows fast loading of games with astounding graphic accuracy, 853 MHz to be precise
  • It has Blu-ray media with 7.1 surround sound and 1080p camera
  • HDMI input and custom 1.75 GHz AMD 8 core CPU. Also, have two quad core Jaguar modules. 8 GB DDR3 memory with 5 GB available to games
  • This console easily connects through Wi-Fi IEEE 802. 11n, HDMI 1.4 and Ethernet connections
  • Since it is a predecessor of Xbox 360, selective Xbox 360 and Xbox games are available Xbox One. Xbox live service available as a part of online services

The look of it!

No matter whatever purpose it serves, looks are a must! The sleek body of Xbox One gives it a 'love at first sight' look. Its external casing consists of double toned liquid black finish. A half portion is in matte gray and the other half in shining black.

The matte top side of the video console has an air vent. Glowing amber Xbox logo depicts the system's status. This console can sit only horizontally because of the ventilation systems. Overall, the console carries a more simplified and entertaining makeover.

Here's to the positives

Xbox One console, like any other consoles, has its share of pros and cons. With all its positive and negative issues it is still among the top consoles to look into.

  • One can add as much extra storage he/she wants through external hard disk drive
  • Available smart glass links Wi-Fi directly to the console
  • Extremely high-quality Skypecamera helping you with loads of video chatting,core gaming, voice command and gesture based media control adds to the list
  • Loads of games in the launch window like Forza,Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 to mention the few

The Dark side of Xbox One

Nothing comes with only positives. Xbox console also has its negative sides.

  • One cannot self-publish on Xbox One. This can be a huge drawback and customers may find it unsatisfactory
  • Lack of checking. In a platform where games are continuously launched, installed and shared, a 24-hour check is a must or at least expected
  • A slight higher cost than other consoles can stand as a setback

Launch date and its market

On November 22, 2013,Microsoft Xbox One game console was released in North America, Australia, Europe and Brazil. Japan released the video console on September 4, 2014. All these countries reported a good amount of sales of the product.

Initially, Microsoft was reluctant on publishing the sales figure. Later in 2016, Microsoft stated, 18 to 19 million units were sold.

Reviews of Microsoft Xbox One

User Review : 10Reviews

Design 4.6
Software 4.6
Operability 4.6
Quality of display 4.5
Size 4.1
Extendability 4.4
Total 4.5

Dev Dev Dev

Best Console

i think the best console i have used till date is xbox one it is vert smooth to handle and easy to use ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Date : 24, Aug 2017
  • Review by Dev Dev Dev

Erikas Leipus

Xbox is Great

First of all,I would like to say that Xbox is the best console ever created. This console is way better than PS. ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.5
  • Date : 16, Feb 2017
  • Review by Erikas Leipus

Ankit Agarwal

The Xbox One has had a total makeover

WHAT IS THE XBOX ONE S? Microsoft has made a new Xbox, only it's not entirely new. The Xbox One S is a 0.5 ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Date : 15, Nov 2016
  • Review by Ankit Agarwal

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