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  • Production 2009 - present
  • 2014 Infiniti Q60 Convertible comes with an engine variation of 3.7 L V 6-cylinder along with transmission spec of 7-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual.
  • With a drivetrain spec of Rear Wheel Drive, it powers up to 325 hp @ 7000 rpm and offers a fuel economy of 18/26 mpg. Suspension looks good with smooth handling.
  • Interior specs are very easy to operate along with comfortable driving experience and quality safety specs. Exterior design is streamlined to offer good top speed.

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Infiniti Q60 convertible (Infiniti G37) - CarBuyer

Infiniti Q60 convertible (Infiniti G37) - CarBuyer

Infiniti Q60 Convertible roof open

Infiniti Q60 Convertible roof open

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