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washing ruin texture

anand kumar s

  • anand kumar s
  • 16, Jun 2017

does half filling drum with washing ruin texture after some time?

eshwar c

  • eshwar c
  • 16, Jun 2017

HI Anand Kumar s
Hope You are Doing Good

When you half or quarter stack a clothes washer drum and it begins washing and "viciously" sloshes the washing around (ie lifter/paddles lifts washing to top of drum and after that the washing hammers to base of drum) could this not harm (this sloshing/pummeling activity) the articles of clothing over the long run and without a doubt the oars of the machine , (or both) - I relise that the best possible approach to stack the drum is not fill it appropriate to the overflow of the highest point of the drum, you need to leave a vertical hand width stature of free space dont you? - however in the event that you do that the garments will slosh and rub against each other (contact - recreation of rubbing the garments together) to get them clean , yet when you half fill or quarter fill a drum they can slosh with a significant crash, particularly in a 9kg size drum.

I hope this answer might help you.
Thank you

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  • featherlily
  • 11, Aug 2017

I dont think so but it will be a waste to put some water that you wont use I think just put the right amount or fill up the washing machine to its right water level you will see that line at the side it might just be messy to make it full as well.

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