7, Mar 2018

HUAWEI P20 series prices leaked online

As the much-awaited HUAWEI P20 series launch is around the corner, leaks and rumours are in full swing. In the latest leak, the prices of all the upcoming models of the HUAWEI P20 series have been revealed by the famous tipster Roland Quandt.

The leaks about the HUAWEI P20 and P20 Pro are already in overdrive mode as an array of them are coming to the fore almost on a daily basis. In the latest instance, a leak has found its way to the internet surmising the prices of the P20 lineup.

The leak not only mentions the HUAWEI P20 and P20 Pro but also it shows a price tag for the HUAWEI P20 Lite the device which has been profusely hitting the grapevine of late. It is of importance to note that only the HUAWEI P20 and P20 Pro have been officially confirmed to be unveiled on March 27 in Paris but now it seems the HUAWEI P20 Lite is also going to join the party.

The pricing details, albeit in euros, have been leaked via a tweet from the famous tipster Roland Quandt (@rquandt). According to his tweet, the HUAWEI P20 will be priced at EUR 679 (Approx. INR 54,000), the HUAWEI P20 Pro will cost EUR 899 (Approx. INR 72,000) while the HUAWEI P20 Lite, the cheapest of all, will command a price tag of EUR 369 (Approx. INR 30,000). If we see the pricing structure, it clearly shows that with the P20 lineup HUAWEI is aiming to target all the buyers spread across the high-end segment adopting drastically different price points.

What we gather here is that with the high price of the P20 Pro the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer is showing its intent to rub shoulders with Samsung and Apple with their most expensive handsets such as the Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X currently out in the wild. The HUAWEI P20 Lite which comes with a price tag of EUR 369 (Approx. INR 30,000) the company is also giving due respect to the price conscious buyers who won't mind using a flagship model with some pared down specs.

There is no official confirmation about the specs of the P20 lineup. However, the rumors are rife that the HUAWEI P20 and P20 Pro will be powered by AI feature-equipped Kirin 970 SoC. The P20 Lite, on the other hand, will have a Kirin 659 SoC that powers other mid-range smartphones from HUAWEI. The P20 Pro will have a three-camera setup at the rear while the other two models will go with the dual-rear cameras. The P20 Lite particularly will mount a 16 MP+2 MP-dual-camera setup at the back along with a 16 MP front-facing camera for selfie and video chatting purposes.

Roland's tweet did not give away anything regarding the dates for the preorders or the availability of the handsets. Nevertheless, we will soon be able to know this information since the HUAWEI's press event isn't far away from now. Stay tuned.

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