12, Oct 2017

Google Pixel 2 is now world's best camera phone, beats Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note8

The Google Pixel 2 has arrived with a bang as it has straight away achieved the best camera title by DxOMark, a camera benchmarking firm. The handset scored a massive 98 points against 94 points of the iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy Note8 which were the previous best. The Google Pixel 2 excels in bright daylight as well as low light condition photography. Notably, the Google Pixel 2 features a 12.2MP single camera setup at the back.

The iPhone has always been known for having the best onboard camera. But last year the best camera title was snatched away by the Google Pixel which on debut notched up a DxOMark score of 90 points. It was later joined by the HTC U11 with the same score. But as soon as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus were launched last month both the phones took up the first (94 points) and the second (92 points) spots respectively at DxOMark benchmark, dethroning the Google Pixel and the HTC U11 to a joint third.

Google Pixel 2

And just recently, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with its 94 points on DxOMark emerged the joint claimant to the best camera title with the iPhone 8 Plus. However, the euphoria was short-lived as the Google Pixel 2 (both regular and the XL version) has now walked home with best ever camera phone title garnering a whopping 98 DxOMark score out of 100.

Google Pixel 2 scores 98 in DxOMark camera test

Although it was expected that the Google Pixel 2 will offer better camera experience, it was not expected at all that it would beat both the iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy Note8 by a margin of 4 points and its own predecessor by a margin of 8 points. Praiseworthily, the Google Pixel 2 achieved this feat by just tacking on a single camera unit as against the dual camera module gimmick by its immediate rivals.

The Google Pixel 2 alongside the Pixel XL 2 features a 12.2MP rear-facing primary camera with autofocus, optical as well as electronic image stabilization and f/1.8 aperture. On the front, it mounts an 8MP selfie shooter with f/2.4 aperture.

The Google Pixel camera comes on top irrespective of bright daylight and low luminosity environments. Be it exposure, contrast, flash, color reproduction, noise reduction, details preservation, for all these aspects the camera performs exceedingly well.

Bright/Low light and Color

Bright light - 1st image Google Pixel 2 | 2nd image HTC U11

Bright light - Pixel 2

Low light - Google Pixel 2 (Left) | Google Pixel (Right)

Low light - iPhone 8 Plus

Color - Google Pixel 2 (Left) | Google Pixel (Right)

Color - iPhone 8 Plus

However, it only lags behind in Zoom and Bokeh effect functions. Its rivals, the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 scores better in these areas. This is because the Google Pixel 2 relies heavily on software for Zoom and Bokeh effects while rivals like the iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy Note8 makes use of dedicated hardware for these effects.

Zoom and Bokeh

Google Pixel 2, 4x zoom (Left) and Apple iPhone 8 Plus, 4x zoom (Right)

Bokeh - Google Pixel 2 (Left) | Google Pixel (Right)

Bokeh - iPhone 8 Plus

On the videography front, it also comes out with flying colors. It captures video with excellent details and less noise. Video stabilization of the Google Pixel 2 has certainly got better in comparison to its predecessor. Talking about the separate scores, the camera of Pixel 2 grabbed 99 points in photography and 96 points in videography.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen quick changes taking place over DxOMark for the best camera slot. Now it seems the Google Pixel 2 might sit atop for long. The only challenge it is likely to face is from the Apple's iPhone X which is arriving on November 3. It remains to be seen which one wins the race in the end. Stay tuned to find out.

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