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Expected Price Rs 4,700
5.5 inch 3G smartphone that runs Android 6.0 OS and features Dual SIM support, Dual camera and Fingerprint sensor
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  • 5.50 inches, HD (720 x 1280)
Blackview E7s

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Sahil Verma

  • Sahil Verma
  • 13, Feb 2018

What is the difference between Blackview-E7s and Blackview-E7 ?


  • myrtelle
  • 14, Feb 2018

This kinds of phones only difference are RAM, Storage capacity, Camera specs, Dual Sim, and batter support. Which I thnk is just like a waste, For some cases they are creating new phone because they failed to create the right phone at first so making a second phone same with its name.

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