Bajaj Boxer CT150 for sale in India January 2018

Bajaj Boxer CT150

Bajaj Boxer CT150
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Model Boxer CT150
Displacement(cc) 144.80
Available Color
  • Red
km Per Liter -
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 11.0
Weight(kg) 123.0
Type Standard,Business
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About Bajaj Boxer CT150


The Bajaj Boxer is a very popular bike for those who seek for strength, endurance, and ruggedness at a cost–friendly budget. Its dependency is what makes it one of the most popular models in India.

Bajaj Boxer – A Great 'NO Problem Bike' for Average Indian Commuters

Bajaj Boxer is a 'NO-Problem Bike' to those seeking for a reliable and cost-effective city commuter. Known for its ergonomic design and impressive performance, this was a great alternative in a Splendor loyal Indian mass market.


The Bajaj Boxer 1st series, also known as the Bajaj Kawasaki Boxer, came out in 1997 and was manufactured to tackle the most punishable roads around. It overtook the CT100 and hosted impressive tweaks such as Ride Control Switch. This gave riders the option to choose between economy and speedy mode.

When it came out in India, it proved to be one robust and adequately low-cost option for commuters. That accounted for its impressive sales till the point when it was discontinued in the year 2006. However, it again made a comeback in the year 2015 with a better engine configuration and better technological advancements.


In terms of popularity; the Boxer still includes among the maker's best sellers in more than 30 different countries globally. In Africa, it stands as the most favored 2–wheeler amongst its commuters particularly as a Moto- Taxi in regions of Boda Bodas and Okadas.

Its dependency is more than impressive in regions of Egypt and Iran. Reports also suggest that the bike labels as Africa's No. 1 motorcycle are mainly owing to its 99.27 cc capacity, 8.2 Ps power, and 8.05 Nm torque. It also incorporates a naturally cooled power plant ensuring that long journeys under testing conditions do not overheat the engine.

Bestseller and Reasons!

In terms of its best sellers, there are 2 Boxer models which stand out.

1. The Boxer 100

This 2–wheeler was factory-made for accessible travel both within the city as well as in off–roads.

  • It offers fuel efficiency of around 55 kmpl
  • Consists of a 4-stroke natural air cooled SI power plant
  • Churns out 8.2 Ps power output
  • Consists of an ExhausTec feature

Owing to these desirable features, it ranks as Boxer's most favored selling motorbikes across the sphere.

2. The Bajaj Boxer 150

This was a more innovative version of the 100 and comes with a wonderful concoction of power and fuel-efficiency. Hosting of a rugged styling, it deemed apt for bikers wanting quality performance from their 150 cc 2–wheeler. Designed to outlast the toughest of terrains, when this model came out, it received noteworthy sales both in India and abroad.

  • The Boxer 150 came with a 144.08 cc 4-stroke natural SI engine.
  • It had the ability to notch up 12 PS of power and 12.26 Nm of Torque.
  • The bike also incorporated an ExhausTec feature
  • Plus its wider seats, electric start, and SNS rear suspension all accounted for its wonderful sales all through a wide spectrum of markets.

Latest series!

The 2017 new Bajaj Boxer X150 model was seen undergoing testing and expectancy is that it will soon be launching in India. There is still no clarity as to when it will officially launch and so all one can do is wait for further updates.

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