14, Jul 2017

iPhone 8 to Have OLED Display; Its Rumoured Reflective Appearance Makes News

Driven by a lot of expectations of the iPhone buyers, the team at Apple Inc. is working day and night to get its upcoming iPhone 8 in the best spot. Due to techinical difficulty, the iPhone 8, which is said to have an OLED display, could lack a fingerprint sensor, resulting that the device might instead go ahead with a biometric identification system. The fact that the launch date of the much awaited handset is getting delayed may be the best use of which Apple's strongest competitor Samsung could surely make.

The US technology giant Apple is rumoured to launch its iPhone 8 in four different shades. The shades are familiar to the ones in which the iPhone 7 was launched. This time, a mirror-like version was also spotted along with the other three colours, but it could end up being a rumour too.

After a picture of the device was shared on Twitter by Benjamin Geskin, many assumptions were fuelled with explanations given by tech experts on the new shade that could be seen in the iPhone 8's up-coming launch. Meanwhile, much emphasis is laid on the reflective appearance of the iPhone 8.

As for the rumoured fingerprint sensor, Apple may be facing a hard time integrating the Touch ID technology into the 5.2-inch edge-to-edge OLED display of the iPhone 8. Given this issue, the company could opt for the biometric identification process. The front-facing 3D camera could provide help in identifying the handset owner as the iPhone 8 shall integrate with the ARKit tools of Apple, which are used for smoothly running the reality apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and so on. Furthermore, according to the expectations buzzing on the web, the handset would charge quicker through Lightning and wireless charging which is contact-based.

As for the release, the iPhone 8 could be released much later this year, altering in its usual launch period every year. The possible delay in release could be caused by their struggle with equipping the device with the fingerprint sensor. Whether the handset would come with Touch ID inside the OELD display is unsure, but on the lines of the iPhone 7, the device should be available in the model sizes of 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches around September or even later this year.

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