13, Sep 2016

iPhone 7 Price in India and Which Country Gets it for the Cheapest

iPhone 7 has just been announced by Apple, and it is a total head-turner. But, if you want to buy an iPhone from India, you will have to cough up a hefty sum of Rs. 60,000. iPhone 7 is just as pricey as its predecessors used to be, but it brings a question to our mind, is there any country which gets an iPhone the cheapest.

The brand new instalment from the world ledgers of mobile business has been launched and the craze is hushed down by the spine chilling rates of the pricey phone. The phone is reportedly priced at Rs. 60,000 in India, for the 32GB variant. In Italy, Norway and Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark the price descends down spirally to wobble around the Rs. 57,000 mark. The phone is remarkably cheaper in China, Australia and the UK. The price there falls from the 799 Euros mark to CHF 759 in Switzerland, which is at least a ten thousand rupees' cheaper than the Indian price.

The iPhone 7's top model will hit stores at NOK 7,390 (Rs. 59,750) in Norway, EUR 799 (Rs. 59,900) in Italy, SEK 7,495 (Rs. 58,900) in Sweden, and NZ$ 1,199 (Rs. 58,800) in New Zealand. The varying rates will work according to the models selected thereof. One can get an iPhone 7 with EUR 779 (Rs. 58,400) in Portugal, Ireland, while it is DKK 5,799 (Rs. 58,400) in Denmark, and EUR 769 (Rs. 57,700) in Spain, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. On the other hand the Apple iPhone 7 will mean shelling out only EUR 743 (Rs. 55,700) in Luxembourg, and CHF 759 (Rs. 51,900) in Switzerland.

In Japan the Yen is a whooping 72,800 in figures but in actuality when converted to Indian currencies make up for 47,350 Rupees only. The cheapest of the iPhones can however be fished out of an USA market where the phone is priced at just $649 which is a 43,400 Rupees only. Canada follows, USA in getting the cheapest iPhone at a Canadian $899 or 46,100 Rupees. It is interesting to note here that the iPhone 7 prices in countries like the UK and India is inclusive of taxes, however, in other countries like the United States, the different rates of taxes will vary the rate of the phones from state to state.

iPhone 7 Price in Other Regions

CountryLocal PricePrice in INR
NorwayNOK 7,390Rs. 59,750
DenmarkDKK 5,799Rs. 58,400
PortugalEUR 779Rs. 58,400
SpainEUR 769Rs. 57,600
AustriaEUR 759Rs. 56,900
GermanyEUR 759Rs. 56,900
LuxemborgEUR 743Rs. 55,700
MexicoMX$ 15,499Rs. 55,000
AustraliaAU$ 1,079Rs. 54,500
ChinaCNY 5,388Rs. 53,800
UKGBP 599Rs. 53,100
TaiwanNT$ 24,500Rs. 51,900
SwitzerlandCHF 759Rs. 51,900
SingaporeSGD 1,048Rs. 51,600
Hong KongHK$ 5,588Rs. 48,200
JapanJPY 72,800Rs. 47,350
UAEAED 2,599Rs. 47,300
CanadaCA$ 899Rs. 46,100
USAUS$ 649Rs. 43,400

All prices are on the exchange rate and may vary accordingly.
Price does not include local taxes, which may vary from state to state.

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