Haier Washing Machines & Dryers Price List in India November 2017

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Haier XPB76-113D
Rs 8,999 - (7 Prices)
Haier XPB62-0613AQ
Rs 7,799 - (5 Prices)
Haier XPB62-0613RU
Rs 9,590 - (2 Prices)
Haier HW55-1010ME

Haier HW55-1010ME

  • Front Load
  • 5.5 kg
Rs 19,530 - (4 Prices)
Haier HW60-1279

Haier HW60-1279

  • Front Load
Rs 22,760 - (3 Prices)
Haier HWM60-918NZP

Haier HWM60-918NZP

  • Top Load
  • 4.6 kg
Rs 16,899 (1 Price)
Haier XPB65-113S

Haier XPB65-113S

  • Twin Tub
  • 6.5 kg
Rs 8,600 - (6 Prices)
Haier HWM58-020

Haier HWM58-020

  • Top Load
  • 5.8 kg
Rs 14,260 (2 Prices)
Haier XPB72-714D

Haier XPB72-714D

  • Twin Tub
  • 7.2 kg
Rs 10,964 (1 Price)
Haier XPB 90-187S
Rs 9,365 - (4 Prices)
Haier XPB65-114D
Rs 11,900 (1 Price)
updated on 24, Nov 2017, 23:21

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Haier Washing Machines & Dryers Price 2017

Latest Haier Washing Machines & Dryers Price
Haier XPB76-113D Rs 8,999 -
Haier XPB72-714D Rs 10,964
Haier XPB65-114D Rs 11,900
Haier XPB65-113S Rs 8,600 -
Haier XPB62-0613RU Rs 9,590 -
Haier XPB62-0613AQ Rs 7,799 -
Haier XPB 90-187S Rs 9,365 -
Haier HWM60-918NZP Rs 16,899
Haier HWM58-020 Rs 14,260
Haier HW60-1279 Rs 22,760 -
Haier XPB76-113D Haier XPB76-113D

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About Haier Washing Machines & Dryers


Recognized as a brand of innovation and having a strong logistics base in China and US, Haier has been able to capture a significant market share. Haier's contribution to China's economy has been pretty significant particularly with its 60 billion dollars turnover by 2001. To further extend their presence, Haier Washing Machines " Dryers look to be its prime products for venturing into the Indian market.

Haier Washing Machines " Dryers Propagating their Presence on Indian Soil

Haier has inspired living through unique technology features that aim to satisfy its customer's needs thanks to energy efficiency and maximum load taking capabilities. 101 years after its emergence, the establishment has successfully spread its roots across Asia, UK and Europe. Obtaining a five-star rating in after sales service, Haier washing machines " dryers expects to expand its business being second only to Whirlpool.

Initiation of a manufacturing hulk

It was in the 80's that Haier's refrigeration units initiated production and very soon grabbed customer's attention. With a leading position in the refrigeration industry in China, the manufacturer turned its attention towards other household appliances like washing machines.

Chinese Government took control of Haier manufacturing works and by the end of 90's their refrigerators, and washing machines were storming the market. Haier gradually expanded its market in Philippines and Indonesia. According to sources, their manufacturing units in Indonesia marked the beginning of their expansion in Asia.

Haier has been the pioneer in electrical appliances sector and their overseas manufacturing plant in Camden since 2000 helped them understand the US market. With this, they took over GE Electric's appliance division. Later they grew as far as the Middle East and European countries and stood to be one of the most respectable entrepreneurs.

Walking the Chinese and US paths

Haier washing machines " dryers were manufactured in full force and by 2000; Haier diversified its business ventures all throughout US. By 2003, the company set its production units in Japan. This followed by setting up multiple dealerships and it became the first to do so in Japan.

To meet the needs of rural customers, Haier developed its washing machines and very soon grew to become the world's largest producer of laundry equipment. With a reach so wide as far as Mongolia and Tibet, Haier opened new dealerships selling full-size appliances, especially for the American market.

Recognition in world market

According to consumer experts, Haier's acquisition of GE Electric proved to be the single most effective strategy towards making a name. For the last 40 years, Haier washing machines " dryers has been America's most trusted products.

In 1999 under the leadership of Zhang Rumin, Haier got selected as the most trusted brand while Rubin secured his position as one of the 30 most respectable entrepreneurs. Gradually Haier started diverting its attention towards other healthcare and heavy industries.

Compared to timer washing machines, Haier's products come with delicate option which helped in intense cleaning. Haier was awarded the honour of being the pioneer in national quality.

Indian manufacturing arcade

With a Forbes world ranking of 6, Haier had established its units in India during the first decade of 21st century. With its wide variety of products like washing machines and refrigerators, it has secured more than 6% market share.

To compete against its Japanese rivals in India, Haier established manufacturing and R"D centres to facilitate production. Apart from air-conditioning and Haier washing machines " dryers, it also manufactures TVs and mobile phones.

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