Haier Refrigerators & Freezers Price List in India December 2017

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Haier HR-62HP

Haier HR-62HP

  • Chest Freezer
  • 52 L
Rs 6,899 - (2 Prices)
Haier HRF-618SS

Haier HRF-618SS

  • Side By Side
  • 521 L
Rs 51,900 - (3 Prices)
Haier HRD-2156BR-H

Haier HRD-2156BR-H

  • Single Door
  • 188 L
Rs 14,900 (1 Price)
updated on 17, Dec 2017, 09:22

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Haier Refrigerators & Freezers Price 2017

Latest Haier Refrigerators & Freezers Price
Haier HRF-618SS Rs 51,900 -
Haier HRD-2156BR-H Rs 14,900
Haier HR-62HP Rs 6,899 -
Haier HRF-618SS Haier HRF-618SS

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Latest Reviews for Haier Refrigerators & Freezers

i bought this Refrigerator long back and it has very good functionalities and features,this cooler mainly has very good cooling capacity and good functoin.never bothered about the power consumption ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.4
  • Review by anand kumar s
  • Date : 21, May 2017

stunning looks and cools rapid yet decreased 1 star for shabby quality cooler section and glass compartments .Otherwise design is stunning you dont need to clear back of refrigerator since ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.6
  • Review by Nithk
  • Date : 20, May 2017

incredible looks and cools quick yet decreased 1 star for shabby quality cooler entryway and glass compartments .Otherwise outline is stunning you dont need to clear posterior of refrigerator since ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Review by nithesh
  • Date : 20, May 2017

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Which cooling type is used in this refrigerator?

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About Haier Refrigerators & Freezers


Rating as one of the largest manufacturers in the globe of consumer electronics and home appliances, Haier continues to live up to its tagline of inspiring living. Haier Refrigerators & Freezers and other consumer durable products continue to lead sales even into this Indian market.

Haier Refrigerators & Freezers and other Products running Huge in India

A leading part and parcel of a consumer durables industry, Haier is one of the largest manufacturers of white goods in the world. This Chinese multinational conglomerate has a market range which is pan-global and also manufactures products beyond Haier Refrigerators & Freezers and similar white goods including mobile phones, televisions, etc.

Looking back into Haier

As often with all leading manufacturers, Haier started as Qingdao Refrigerator Co. in 1984. With the Chinese markets opening up to foreign investments, Qingdao merged with German refrigerator giant Liebherr.

This Qingdao-Liebherr venture saw the Germans providing their Chinese counterparts with technology and know-how. Profitable sales soon followed as a result. 1986 onwards, this joint venture achieved record sales growth averaging 83% per annum over the coming years.

In the process of reaching to a larger consumer field, Qingdao-Liebherr continued to absorb multiple other manufacturing functions. These takeovers included the likes of Qingdao Electroplating, Air conditioner, Freezer and other manufacturing wings. This obviously lead to an increasing product range beyond just Haier Refrigerators & Freezers including microwave ovens, ACs and so on.

However, the name Haier came into the picture only in 1991 to keep in tow with a rising market branding consciousness to garner a larger market footprint. Taking the last two syllables from the German wing, Haier took its first steps into a growing Chinese market all-ready for reaching out globally.

1995 saw Haier take over their largest rival, Red Star Electric Appliance Factory becoming the largest manufacturers in the industry across China beyond dispute. 1997 saw Haier foraying into television manufacturing while later on also including mobile devices and computers.

Haier Global Reach and Footprint

The first trysts towards a global expansion from Haier came in 1996 when they opened up their first manufacturing facility in Indonesia. With a view of going straight into the South-East Asian market; these Chinese manufacturers opened up, even more, plants in Philippines and Malaysia. Other than in Thailand, Haier continues to be the leading white goods brand in most of these countries.

Choosing on Haier Refrigerators & Freezers, they continue their market expansion into America. As of today, Haier continues as the largest white goods brand globally consecutively for 8 years. With a market share of 10.3%, their current net income crosses beyond the 3 Billion USD mark.

Popularly Inspiring Living

Combining German top-end tech with Chinese affordability, Haier is everything that consumers might look for in white or brown goods. ACs along with Refrigerators continues to be their forte providing both high-end utility while keeping up with affordability. For buyers, Haier lives up to their tagline. Another pointer pushing these manufacturers to the top spot is their huge range of products.

Haier Refrigerators and other Products in India

Haier India looks to treble their revenue from India to above the INR 6,500 crore mark. They operate more than 60 authorized dealers spreading beyond Metropolitan limits excluding liaisons while also looking to invest INR 490 crores in their Pune plant producing Haier Refrigerators & Freezers.

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