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About Triumph Motorcycle

After gathering enough experience in the 500cc and 750cc bike range, Triumph agrees to grow bigger with a long term marketing strategy. With an overall 26% growth annually, they aim to export Triumph Motorcycle to neighbouring Asian countries to be manufactured at their Manesar plant.

Triumph Motorcycle - Muscular and powerful yet brutally beautiful

Ever since its emergence, Triumph Motorcycle Company considers biking as an art. Built for every road and all sorts of terrain, the manufacturer aim to instil and propagate the spirit of safe and fast biking. Triumph motorcycles are known for their stability, build quality and minimalistic design. With their emergence into the Indian market, the company has successfully made its mark as a 115 years legend.

An emphatic start with futuristic promises:

Triumph motorcycling corporation came into existence in 1902 as Bonneville Coventry Ltd. After a long ride, Triumph motor works went into receivership whereby John Bloor bought its manufacturing rights. In order to compete against foreign competition, Bloor utilized indigenous production facilities.

Triumph Motorcycle works continued its production under Les Harris in Newton Abbot. At the peak of its production, the company produced more than 14 bikes in a week. Till then, they were not authorized to export.

By 1985, Bloor adopted Japanese technologies, and very soon the company transformed its production figures. In Thailand, Triumph built an assembly facility which could produce 130,000 bikes. Since then, the company gained significance with their 900cc-1200cc bikes.

The story of their scalability:

Bonneville Coventry Ltd. put all their efforts in manufacturing their 500cc Tiger and 750cc Triple. After gaining the market for 750+cc bikes in the UK, this company turned its attention to US market. With their success in Daytona, the company furthered its future prospects chiefly through racing.

By 1994, Triumph set their first manufacturing facility in Hinckley. Thunderbird crosses the country's boundaries and reaches Australia. In the early 2000's, Triumph succeeded in acquiring a bigger production facility in Thailand. Production figures reached more than 41,000 units.

With a rise in sales, Brazil was next to see a Triumph dealership where production figures rose to 50,000 units. 2013 saw an annual 6.2% rise in production figures. With this, Triumph entered the Indian motorcycle market.

Spreading its "Triumphant" wings:

Triumph Motorcycle Works launched their Tiger 100 which won the 1946 Manx Grand Prix. Turning its attention to the public display, Triumph 650cc Thunderbird starred in 'the Wild One.' The era of remarkable brilliance got triggered when Thunderbird clocked 193 mph.

The manufacturer could rise to the level of winning Daytona 200 with their 500cc Tiger. A Gyrobnaut X1 struggled to hit 245 mph mark. Within and outside the UK, Triumph was known for winning races which earned it the title Slippery Sam.

Finally, towards the end of 1995, Thunderbird came into production with a new engine. Triumph also turned its attention to clothing and accessories which gained importance chiefly because of its Priestley and Dylan connections.

Their revolution in the Indian Market:

With a new dealership in Bhubaneswar, Triumph successfully reached its Indian dealership figures to 14. Currently active in numerous metro cities including Kolkata and Bangalore, Triumph aims big with Jaipur and Mangalore next in line.

Recently, Triumph motorcycle attempts to avoid percolation of negative GST impact on its production and marketing figures. 5 dealerships in India have already toned their prices down. The manufacturer presents an excellent base on its 350cc and 500cc bikes in India.

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