Lava Spark Mobile Phones Price List in India October 2017

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Lava Spark i7

Lava Spark i7

  • Feature Phone
  • 2.8 inches, QVGA(240 * 320)
  • 2G
Rs 1,459 - (6 Prices)
Lava Spark Icon

Lava Spark Icon

  • Feature Phone
  • 2.8 inches, QVGA(240 x 320)
  • 2G
Rs 1,510 (1 Price)
Lava Spark 7

Lava Spark 7

  • Feature Phone
  • 2.4 inches, 320 x 240
  • 2G, Less than 0.5GB
- (0 Prices)
Lava Spark Icon-x

Lava Spark Icon-x

  • Feature Phone
  • 2.8 inches, QVGA(240 x 320)
  • 2G
Rs 1,510 (3 Prices)
updated on 24, Oct 2017, 12:21

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Lava Spark Mobile Phones Price 2017

Latest Lava Spark Mobile Phones Price
Lava Spark Icon-x Rs 1,510
Lava Spark i7 Rs 1,459 -
Lava Spark Icon Rs 1,510
Lava Spark Icon-x Lava Spark Icon-x

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Latest Reviews for Lava Spark

In 2012, chip-maker Intel tied up with Lava International to announce the first Intel-powered smartphone in India under the brand name XOLO.[3] In the same year, Lava entered the tablet business with ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.3
  • Review by Thwam Aham
  • Date : 20, Sep 2016

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Kranti Sutar

Does this mobile have Torch?

Does this mobile have Torch?

  • Last updated : 3, Oct 2017
  • Posted by Kranti Sutar
  • Replies of This topic : 1 Replies


Lava Spark

Do we still have this at the stores? or Lava is no longer producing this kind of device? help needed here pls.

  • Last updated : 30, Sep 2017
  • Posted by featherlily
  • Replies of This topic : 2 Replies

Raju Kumar

Lava spark 10

This is a best phone Lava company.

  • Last updated : 4, Oct 2016
  • Posted by Raju Kumar
  • Replies of This topic : 0 Replies

About Lava Spark

Lava Mobile Phones

Lava International has become a brand name to reckon with when it comes to smartphones in the Indian market. The company is well known for its Iris line of devices that are primarily targeted at the low and mid range market segment.

History of Lava Mobile Phones

Founded as Pacetel Communication in the year 2003, Lava International, as it is presently known as, is based out of The Indian capital city of New Delhi. Lava has progressed over the years and has become one of the primary Indian players in the smartphone market.

The company is also known to have a subsidiary, Xolo, which released the first ever Android phone to be powered by an Intel processor. Xolo also has a very good reputation in the market. The company manufactures Android and Windows phones and they are all released under the Iris lineup.

Popularity in India

When it comes to the present state of the Indian smartphone market, there are many budget players that have set their sights in capturing a large share. While there are certainly many Chinese and well renowned brands in this crowd, the Indian players haven’t lagged behind either. Indian smartphone makers such as Lava, Micromax and Intex have all made rapid strides and have increasingly gained foothold of the market.

Lava has been perhaps among the earliest of Indian players in this segment. The company has introduced features phones and now moved on to develop smartphones that offer a mix of affordability and features. The company has done well in the market so far and their products are largely bought by those looking at low cost mobile phones.

Design of Lava Mobile Phones

Lava’s mobile phones are pretty attractive, despite the price point it comes at. Most of the phone models have a plastic build rather than metal, as it is easier to afford and keeps production costs down. However, phones do have metal bezels that give it a certain good look.

The screen on Lava mobile devices is generally an IPS LCD one that offers good viewing angles. Although the size varies with the specific model one is looking at, these days, most screens are either 4 inches or higher. Protective glass is also made available with these phones.

These devices are also known to come in many different color options although black and white are the most common options for most models.

Features of Lava Mobile Phones

Lava’s cell phones are largely cheap, but they do offer several features that is found with most phones these days. They are equipped with some of the most modern and powerful processors. Coupled with it is a good amount of primary memory (1GB) and this allows for the fast running of applications on these phones. An ample amount of storage, about 4/8GB is provided in the form of flash storage. However, one can make use of micro-SD cards to expand this option.

The phones are equipped with good rear cameras that also allow one to capture videos. The front camera is good for taking casual clicks and selfies. A number of additional camera features can also be found.

Most devices are known to run the latest Android OS versions like Lollipop, KitKat and more. Some of the models have also been known to run Windows Mobile OS.

For connectivity, Lava’s phones provide wireless means such as cellular connectivity (4G support for some models), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Micro-USB is provided for wired connectivity options. Besides, the phones also have speakers, headphone jacks and support A-GPS.

Lava provides its mobiles devices with good batteries that have an ample amount of capacity.

Lava Mobile News

The Iris Atom is the latest smartphone from Lava International. It was released in January 2016.

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