Alcatel Pop Mobile Phones Price List in India April 2017

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Alcatel Pop C7

Alcatel Pop C7

  • Smartphone, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • 5 inches, 854 x 480
  • 2G, 3G, 4GB, 1GB
Rs 4,499 - (2 Prices)
updated on 27, Apr 2017, 08:20

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About Alcatel Pop

Alcatel Mobile Phones

Alcatel Mobile Phones is collaboration between two firms, i.e. Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication from China. The company was formed in 2004, only for the French major to pull out a year later. TCL has primarily been responsible for the mobile business for all of the years, mainly manufacturing mobile phones and tablet computers. Alcatel, as of January 2016, has been acquired by Nokia Corporation.

History of Alcatel Mobile Phones

Alcatel-Lucent was a telecom company that was formed in 2006, by the merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies. However, by then Alcatel had collaborated and then pulled out of the joint venture with TCL Communication in the two years prior to 2006. Licensing still allows TCL to sell phones with the Alcatel branding, although the latter has completely pulled out of the mobile phone business.

TCL Communication largely manufactured feature phones, which have given way to smartphones and tablet computers at present. The company releases products with the Alcatel One Touch branding. At present, it manufactures both Android and Windows devices. A few Firefox OS devices have been released as well. The phones come in various lineups such as Pop, Idol, Hero, Pixi and Fire.

Popularity in India

Alcatel was one of the earliest companies to arrive in India. However, this has mostly to do with telecommunication equipment business rather than mobile devices. While the company did introduce its devices in the country, there were pretty scantily available.

At present, the company’s smartphones range can be found in many online shopping platforms and some retailers. Although the company prices its phones affordably, a lack of proper marketing hasn’t paid off well for Alcatel’s prospects in India. Service centers are also something that is pretty rare to find.

Design of Alcatel Mobile Phones

Alcatel makes some of the most compact and well-designed smartphones at present times. A majority of the phones have a polycarbonate buildup, as is the norm in the industry for most brands. They are favorable light in weight and fit well into the palm of the user.

For the screen, Alcatel mostly uses IPS LCD technology with multi-touch feature. The screen size varies from device to device, but many of the models do come with HD/FHD display. In addition, Corning Gorilla Glass is provided for better protection of the screen.

The back cover comes in various colors and is removable. The Alcatel OneTouch branding is present in the lower portion on the back.

Features of Alcatel Mobile Phones

Alcatel’s smartphones come with multi-core chipsets from Qualcomm or MediaTek. They are coupled with up to 2GB of RAM that allows for very smooth functioning at all times. Internal storage capacity is available in the form of flash memory and up to 16GB. They also support micro-SD cards in addition to this.

Cameras provided on Alcatel phones have been top class. There are both, front and rear cameras with a multitude of features to allow for the perfect capture of photos.

Most phones run on Android version and there are also a few releases with Firefox OS. Recently, Alcatel has also been making phones that run on Windows Mobile.

For connectivity, Alcatel’s devices offer a large array of options. Support is available for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular SIM with 3G/4G, GPS, and micro-USB. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. A number of sensors can also be found on these devices that are necessary for certain features and apps.

Lastly, they pack a Li-ion battery with good backup hours.

Alcatel Mobile Phone News

Alcatel recently launched the OneTouch Fierce XL smartphone that runs on Windows 10.

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