LG Microwave Ovens Price List in India November 2017

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updated on 23, Nov 2017, 20:21

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LG Microwave Ovens Price 2017

Latest LG Microwave Ovens Price
LG MS2043 Rs 5,899 -
LG MS2025 Rs 6,990
LG MJ3294 Rs 23,890
LG MJ3283 Rs 20,000 -
LG MH2344 Rs 10,390
LG MH2046 Rs 8,740 -
LG MH2044 Rs 6,999 -
LG MC3283 Rs 17,999 -
LG MC2884 Rs 15,210 -
LG MC2883 Rs 16,590 -
LG MS2043 LG MS2043

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Pros: It has wonderful features. I love cooking now because of this oven it makes things faster when we are in hurry. It met all my expectations about oven. This oven is more than enough for good ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Pragnashree
  • Date : 21, Sep 2017

Pros: It has best cooking features I am using this oven from 6 months I have cooked many things using this oven it cooks well and evenly heats food items few ovens will heat only outer part of food ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by deepti m
  • Date : 30, Aug 2017

we have been using this Oven and making support in this fire consume is key and clear choices and menu. plan of this Oven is Good and has more brilliant features,the cleaning some bit of the fire ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by dinesh peak
  • Date : 23, May 2017

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Meenal Naik

Can we use this microwave for grilling?

Can we use this microwave for grilling?

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Food items

What all food items can be cooked in this oven?

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About LG Microwave Ovens

LG is an example of a modern multi-national consumer product giant. With a huge milieu of products ranging across every single commodity segment, this South-Korean mammoth looks for domination with LG Microwave Ovens in a booming Indian consumer market.

LG Microwave Ovens Set to Acquire a Sub-Continental Domination

Falling under the huge umbrella of LG Corporation, LG Electronics continues to be one of the largest manufacturers of consumer-appliances. Including multiple electronic devices starting from LG Microwave Ovens all the way to smartphones, they look to bring it all into an Indian consumer market bursting into new life.

Looking into LG

LG does not start off as what it's today at all. Instead, it's started off as Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. What was then the first Korean firm to partake in the plastics industry, Lak-Hui ventured into other industries setting up GoldStar Co. Ltd. Seeing diverse opportunities in consumer products, they merged to give LG its first shape.

Starting off with consumer nondurables, the brand "Lucky" took to the new consumers by producing soaps and detergents. Emerging as a leader in hygiene products, the South Koreans continued diversifying with their already popular brand name into electrical devices. Their first tryst includes a radio later transpiring into other major products.

Diverging from the 'Lucky' brand, they renamed their products as LG in 1995 before exporting their whole range of devices to Western markets. They obviously met success with LG Microwave Ovens and other products grabbing strong chunks of the market.

LG Global

It is with their electrical devices that LG gained global prominence. Successful trysts in Western markets, Europe and North America, during the early 2000's put them firmly in a strong position. As of today, their figures come in at above the $50 billion mark making them one of the largest conglomerates.

Although LG Electronics, the actual manufacturers of LG Microwave Ovens and similar products, is just a subsidiary arm of LG Corporation; they are one of the largest names in the industry. USA continues to be their largest consumer market, but they look to make more out of this rising Indian subcontinent.

The Consumer Brand LG

For buyers, LG is a household. A smartly non-ostentatious tagline included, they are an exemplification of brand value. LG prefers a consumer-first approach, in forecasting consumer sentiment and creating future products accordingly. Few other brands have achieved their success straight up with maiden ventures. Buyers look to LG for products which everyone else often prefers buying. There's nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth brand value which is just what LG has.

LG products in the Indian market

Despite still being a market yet to reach its industrial economic expectations, India continues to be one of the largest consumer markets in the world. And this applies not only in terms of market size but also in its purchasing power.

LG Microwave Ovens and other products sum up at nearly INR 14,000 crores in 2016 easily making them one of the biggest names in the country. And with a pan-Indian market reach; LG wants to be at the top of things when their brand does achieve market expectations.

Aug 30, 2017

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