Philips Irons & Steamers Price List in India November 2017

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Philips Irons & Steamers Price 2017

Latest Philips Irons & Steamers Price
Philips GC101/02 Rs 820 -
Philips GC101/02 Philips GC101/02

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Latest Reviews for Philips Irons & Steamers

This is the best stream iron in this can put water in this and do ironing with takes 1500 watts and after 2-3 hours uses in 1 months,you get minimum electricity bill so its good on ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.5
  • Review by Virat Raj
  • Date : 24, Aug 2017

I have been using philips iron heater from past 4 years. Its really good product and i am satisfied with philips iron heater. Pros Different levels of heating adjustment for different types of ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.5
  • Review by manjunatha
  • Date : 3, Apr 2017

It is a cheap and a good iron box, the size is same as the size of the average iron box, you can iron your clothes very easily, I also sprinkles water I from the base by which all the wrinkles on ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Review by Laddu Khan
  • Date : 17, Nov 2016

About Philips Irons & Steamers


One of the largest brands across nearly the whole electronic devices industry, Philips continues to adhere to their pro-innovation motto. Manufacturing consumer-first electrical devices, Philips irons & steamers and other household electronics are one of the most accepted products across a growing Indian market.

Philips Irons & Steamers plus Other Household Appliances Selling Strong in India

Philips continues to innovate and create whole new benchmarks in the electronic appliances and devices market. With a huge range of products spreading across nearly every segment including Philips irons & steamers, they endure to be among the largest names in the business.

An Ever-Rising Dutch Electronics Conglomerate

It all started in 1891 with Frederik Philips and his son Gerard purchasing an empty factory in Eindohoven, Netherlands. A mere namesake of a production plant, the first products to make their way out of this simpleton facility was carbon-filament lamps.

They continued to expand across numerous product ranges along with other electro-technical offerings. By 1892, Philips was a local Dutch market name making forays across other foreign European markets with their electro-technical innovations.

Continuing to 1912, Philips establishes the Metaalgloeilampfabriek N.V. division primarily owing to Gerard's younger brother, Anton's pioneering. Manufacturing one of the first mass-production metal filament lamps around, Philips quickly becomes a leading name in a growing industry.

The Dutch innovators further integrate other products into their lineup including vacuum tubes in 1939. Spreading to the US, they include new consumer electronics in their line-up such as the legendary 'Philishave' electric razor. The same era also saw the likes of Philips Irons & Steamers making their first entries into the global market.

Further success follows with these Dutch leaders including multimedia electronic devices in their production line-up. Philips cassette tapes, audio players, vinyl, portable radios, audio systems, televisions; all played big in making Philips what it is today – an electronics giant.

Philips Globally

As per market survey and official statements, Philips maintains over 100 manufacturing facilities. Other than running 50+ research & development centers, Philips irons & steamers along with other such appliances reach out to nearly every single economic region in the globe.

Garnering overall sales above $27 million, they are one of the few non-Asian large-scale manufacturers around. Philips is also among the top brands in the Indian sub-continent.

Branding Innovation

More than just believing in innovating technology, Philips continues to set benchmarks across this market segment by anticipating consumer requirements. Always maintaining its value-for-features is just what makes Philips, a popular brand across the globe and even more so in India.

Philips irons & steamers and other household appliances in India

Philips aims at a better market share in the South-East Asian region while competing against Asian brands. They look to do this with a strong emphasis on their success in this highly prospective Indian market. With 150-plus dealers along with additional representations throughout the country, Philips looks to succeed in this booming consumer market.

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