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Reena Nair

  • Reena Nair
  • 20, Oct 2017

Does this camera have a Full HD Professional Quality ?


  • Churchill
  • 31, Oct 2017

Not familiar with video or camera gadgets, but with this kind of video recorder, I would be surprise if it took a video with anything less than High definition, it could probably record a 1080hd video for all I know

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  • Aachman
  • 1, Nov 2017

Yes all camera and video cameras has option to change to full HD or just HD so you would know difference of the two. I guess for you to check is to try to visit store or shop and see if its quality is already satisfactory.

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Komal Rastogi

  • Komal Rastogi
  • 20, Oct 2017

Does this Panasonis camera have a tripod mount?


  • Yadu
  • 24, Oct 2017 / Good Answers : 1

I dont think so you need to buy separate tripod mount for the stand of the video cameras for this Panasonic video camera. Nevertheless, you can still purchase one outside the shop since its not included when you purchase one at the store or even get or buy one online.

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  • Valley
  • 18, Oct 2017

How long does its battery last?


  • Nabhanyu
  • 2, Nov 2017

well normally it also depends to your usage daily. lets say you just want to record a birthday party that is good for recording 4hour video, and this is based on my recording experiences with panasonic video cameras.

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  • kirankumar
  • 27, Sep 2017

What are the highlites in Sony Handycam HDR XR160E?


Nishank Sharma

  • Nishank Sharma
  • 2, Sep 2017

Does this camcorder has built-in led light in it. ?


  • fhandur
  • 4, Sep 2017

It doesnt have a built in led but it has its own light for flash and for night video and picture its bigger than the led that we have from our mobile phones. Thats what I know from this kinds of cameras or recorders.

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  • Hakken
  • 31, Aug 2017

Any idea when will someone sell this here? Or at least where can I find one?



  • rohithcrp
  • 28, Apr 2017

Shall i buy Sony Handycam HDR or Panasonic HC video recorder?


  • manugowda
  • 28, Apr 2017

Hi rohithcrp,
Hope you are doing good!

Sony Handycam HDR-TD10E costs you around 81490 INR and Panasonic HC-MDH2M cost you around 68999 INR.
Sony handycam is very light weight and looks very attractive and has got very good features when compared with Panasonic one. But the cost is high of around 20000 INR.
Panasonic HC video recorder also has very good feature but looks like it is designed for professionals. If you are working as professional then go for panasonic, if you more money and wants light weight good design video recorder then purchase Sony handycam.

Hope this answer helps you

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  • Rachana
  • 28, Mar 2017 / Good Answers : 1

What is the difference between a DVR and a NVR?




  • divyashree
  • 28, Mar 2017

How do you record the video from IP cameras systems?

Amit Mondal

  • Amit Mondal
  • 6, May 2017 / Good Answers : 1

How much

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Suryaprakashhonnavar Honnavar Ranganathan

  • Suryaprakashhonnavar Honnavar Ranganathan
  • 26, May 2017

How do for record the video from cameras

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Suryaprakashhonnavar Honnavar Ranganathan

  • Suryaprakashhonnavar Honnavar Ranganathan
  • 26, May 2017

What will be the cost pool f a sont
Y video camera

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Ramsukhdas Swami Dhadheru

  • Ramsukhdas Swami Dhadheru
  • 22, Mar 2017

Price of hxr-mc1500 in India price full hd



  • Ajayshrivastav
  • 6, Mar 2017

What is the specification for Sony Handy cam DCR-SX21E?


  • adiseshu
  • 14, Mar 2017

Hi Ajayshrivastav,

Sony Handy cam DCR-SX21E has the following specifications. It has 4.9 inches Depth with Widescreen capability and 1800 x zooming capability. It supports Spotlight, landscape, portrait mode, fireworks, night scene, Sunrise, sunset, candle, beach, sports mode as shooting programs. It supports Program and Automatic modes. Min Illumination is 3 lux. Supports Dolby Digital AC-3 recording with 560kp effective video resolution with the following recording modes SP, LP, HQ.

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Dipesh Nahar

  • Dipesh Nahar
  • 7, Feb 2017

Use the video camera


Yogi Adityaji UmaShankar

  • Yogi Adityaji UmaShankar
  • 30, Jan 2017


Yogi Adityaji UmaShankar

  • Yogi Adityaji UmaShankar
  • 30, Jan 2017

sony z7 camra


Rohit Kuwar

  • Rohit Kuwar
  • 11, Jan 2017

Pansonic hc mdh 2 and 2my is low light camera ..????

Indrajeet Kumar Yadav

  • Indrajeet Kumar Yadav
  • 15, Feb 2017

Darbhanga may Shop kaha hai
Samsatipur may Shop kaha hai

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Rajni Raj

  • Rajni Raj
  • 11, Dec 2016

Good photo drive



  • Roopap
  • 2, Dec 2016

What are the things that i can do with the NX5R and the MCX-500?

Kc Prashanth

  • Kc Prashanth
  • 2, Dec 2016 / Good Answers : 1

Hello Roopap,

Hope you are doing good.

The MCX-500 switcher is fully featured to allow a single operator to use up to three NX5Rs to live broadcast, web stream and/or record small to medium events in applications such as corporate, wedding, music concerts, sports, educational facilities and houses of worship. Flexible workflows for all these events include live streaming using UstreamĀ® (where available), internal recording onto SD Card and remote control from an external computer and Tablet.

Hope this information was useful.


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