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Dell Inspiron 20 3043

Dell Inspiron 20 3043

  • Pentium Quad Core, 2.16GHz
  • DDR3L, 4GB, HDD, 500GB
  • 19.5 inches, Windows 8
Rs 25,990 - (4 Prices)
Dell Inspiron One 2020 (Touch)

Dell Inspiron One 2020 (Touch)

  • Core i3, 2.9 GHz
  • DDR3, 4GB, HDD, 1TB
  • 20 inches, Windows 8
- (0 Prices)
updated on 29, Mar 2017, 20:20

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About Dell Desktop Computers

Dell Desktops

Dell Inc. is an American multinational technology firm that is based in Texas. The company is known to offer a wide range of products ranging from desktop and laptops to network switches and servers. Dell’s desktop series presently consists of the OptiPlex line, the Inspiron and the Vostro business desktops. These offer several tower and all in one models.

History of Dell Desktops

Dell was privately founded by Michael Dell in his university dormitory way back in 1984. Its first PC was released the following year and the company started to manufacture desktops. The earliest line of desktops from Dell was the OptiPlex range and this was prominent in the 90s. They continued for much of that decade and even into the 2000s.

The Dell Inspiron was released in 2006 followed by the Vostro business desktops in 2007. These lines have continued in terms of production till date.

Popularity in India

India has always been a prominent market for most PC manufacturers owing to the country’s rise in IT and infrastructure in the present decade. Dell’s lineups of desktops are all available in the country and they can be bought from online stores, including the company’s, and also from retailers in towns and cities.

The Inspiron desktops are more popular for students and home users. For powerful business class PCs, people can rely on the Vostro lineup. Dell desktops are not exorbitantly priced, but rather moderate, and thus is a big hit among Indian customers.

Design of Dell Desktops

Dell offers a good looking lineup of desktop models. They are also largely space saving models thus free up the desks. Models come in both tower and all in ones (only Inspiron). The tower models mostly come in small form factor.

For all in ones, there are 19, 23 and 24 inch screen models that have LED backlit and touch display. These also have a full HD screen resolution and anti-glare for amazing display properties. One can opt for wireless keyboard/mouse combo, instead of the wired devices that are bundled with these devices normally.

Color options are black with a certain silver trim on most of the desktop models.

Features of Dell Desktops

Most of Dell’s desktops have a wide array of features that fit the bill of common, as well as business users. The machines are powered by the latest line of Intel Core processors and are paired with RAM from 2GB onwards. These even go up to 8/16GB as per the requirements of the user. Most devices also have an additional graphics processor that is either from AMD Radeon or Nvidia. For storage, devices offer hard disk drives from 500GB upwards and up to 1TB.

Connectivity isn’t an issue with Dell PCs. They are equipped with USB, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI and also wireless forms of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Other than this, there are three audio jacks for 5.1 surround sound. The all in one desktops also have a certain webcam and speakers. DVD drives along with a card reader slot is also provided in these devices.

Most Dell desktops are designed to run on Windows and come preloaded with a version of the operating system. However, they are all upgradeable to the latest Windows 10 OS.

Many of the desktops also offer dual channel RAM slots for later upgrades. Besides this, one can also opt for extended warranty services for up to three years. Some trialware software can also be obtained with Dell’s desktops. The company is also known to offer periodic festive offers and freebies along with its products.

Dell Desktop News

Many of Dell’s recent desktop shipments have been known to contain a major security loophole. These contain a powerful root CA certificate and can allow hackers to snoop on banking, mail, shopping and more.

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