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Mazda RX-VISION coming in showrooms by the year 2020

Mazda with its persistent efforts marked its presence in the automobile industry with Mazda RT24P & Mazda RX-VISION. Mazda's Wankel Rotary engine featured sports car brought in public at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, is supposed to be officially launched by the year of 2020. Read more

Latest Reviews for Mazda Cars

As we've got a baby, we decided to replace Demio. I would like to write a review to thank it. <exterior> The model is from one generation before (DE), but it is cool. It is one of the rare Japanese ...Read more

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  • Date : 7, Feb 2016

<exterior> I personally love this design. I chose gray. It looks cool and I find it very good. <interior> It is not that roomy, but it should have no problem. You can have bigger luggage room when ...Read more

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  • Date : 3, Feb 2016

About Mazda Cars


The brand essence of the makers of Mazda cars was celebrating driving with confidence and pride. Keeping this in mind, they presented their potential buyers, upscale models, evoking a sense of excitement and satisfaction among them. The company ranks 15th in automotive production worldwide!

Mazda Cars Continue To Defy Conventions In The Indian And Overseas Arcades

Mazda cars came with the promise of a thrilling driving performance at affordable rates. This brand offered a wide range of drive – superminis, saloons, SUVs, and hatchbacks to both international and Indian car lovers. Their ergonomic engines, superior built quality, and great value for money accounted for the raging popularity in numerous markets across continents.

Rolling Back the Clock

Mazda origin dates back to 1920 when it began as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co Ltd in Hiroshima. In 1931, this name was 1st put to usage on a 3–wheeled truck. The company began their work on small sedans in the later part of the 1930s, but because of the devastating war, work was halted. After WW II, the company again started its focus on car engineering and production.

The 1st ever brand automobile was the R360 Coupe. A year later it collaborated with NSU to manufacture rotary engines. This led to the distinguishing element of Mazda cars with 3 engine variants namely petrol, diesel, and rotary. Their 1st pickup model – the B Series 1500 came out in the later part of the 1960s. That soon followed with their 1st ever rotary engine model – the 110S Cosmo Sport.

In 1974, the brand formed a partnership with Ford, a partnership which extended till 2015. The Later news stated that the company signed an agreement with Toyota. The objective was to supply Toyota models with Sky-Activ Engine technology in replacement of hydrogen cell systems for better fuel efficiency.

Official Stores

As of official reports, Mazda has around 229 sales companies in Japan and around 141 dealerships and retailers in total. This shows the kind of market reach the company enjoys.

Moving over to its sales figures, reports of 2016 suggest that the company sold off 28,754 models on Dec 16'. Recording its combined sales of Mazda cars in 2017 FY, they notched up a record 257,000 sales across China, North America, Europe, Japan, and a few other markets.

Worldwide Popularity!

Mazda cars always come with strong residual values. The automakers come with superlative driver-friendly specs and fuel economy figures. Their quality built, car reliability and off-course the next-gen SKY ACTIV engine technology prove to be the main USP of their models. This is why buyers both from India and other markets appreciate and accept this brand of automobiles.

Apart from all these winning specifications, another reason why this brand is acknowledged worldwide is due to its use of environmentally friendly components. Putting utility of bioplastic, bio-fabrics for seats in the interior consoles, the company manages to set its distinguishing element amongst its market rivals.

Upcoming Prospects

Plenty of latest prospects await seekers of new Mazda cars. Prospects of the 2019 Mazda 3 with PCCI Sky Activ X engine, 2018 Mazda CX-5 diesel variant as well as new concepts, loom for the up-approaching years.

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